Yoram Yasur: If you’ve been to Europe and not tried these meals, your trip was not complete!

You know that when I visit a country, my focus is on landscapes and nature, because I just love to explore its mountains, volcanos and woods. But one of the biggest attractions and novelties of visiting a new country is to try their traditional dishes. When we travel, we try to make our taste buds a little more flexible and give them the opportunity to eat the snacks that at home well maybe never try. ¿Are you ready to explore new flavors with Yoram Yasur?


Stroopwaffels: These are premiums omelets waffles, but with more flattering genes. They are two thin layers with a caramel filling. You can easily find them at any bakery or tastier in Amsterdam. The gigantic ones are the crispiest and freshly made ones and you can get them at food fairs.


Paella: This dish is very traditional in Spain, originally from Valencia, but it is said that Barcelona is where they cook it better. It is made of rice with vegetables and seafood. A treat for anyone! This is one of Yoram Yasur´s favorites!

Spicy potatoes: Another classic Spanish food version of fries, but crudely cut and prepared with mayonnaise and spicy sauce. Hence it has dubbed the ”wild ”. They are often accompanied with the famous tapas.


Currywurst: You can find this dish in restaurants or at roadside stalls throughout the German capital. This is a German sausage served with a homemade ketchup sauce and served with fries. It is common to see people stopping to eat this dish on the street with plastic forks and plates, as something ” in passing ” before a real meal.


Waffles: When a waffle is well prepared, it can be the best dessert of the cosmos. And what other than the capital of Belgium, the place to savor Belgian waffles. You can try them in many cafes in the city and it is recommended that you consult to add toppings like chocolate or ice cream; the taste is a thousand times better.

Chips: Despite the false belief that the chips are from France, these were invented in Belgium. Yoram Yasur Abt: “You will find stalls that sell them all around the city, they come often served in cardboard cones and always have the option of adding a sauce to enhance the flavor.”


Goulash: This typical Hungarian dish includes meat and steamed vegetables that acquire a unique flavor. It has a very distinctive flavor of Budapest that is the paprika that is responsible for giving that particular taste.

So now you know what are the must try food in your euro trip! Have fun and enjoy!

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