Yoram Yasur: Visiting another country? We tell you how to tip around the world

Yoram Yasur | It is not the same everywhere. Each country has its own. Traditions, gastronomy, museums, tourist areas and more. They even have their own way to tip.

You should not be alarmed, because it is not complicated. You only should keep in mind how it’s done in every place you visit.

But each country is accustomed to a specific percentage. Some countries do not usually have tips.

Don’t leave without seeing these tips for tipping!




Here are ten places around the world, its currency and how to give (or not give) tip.


Paradise and history. Do not let be surprised in this country with amazing food and architecture.
Coin: Euro
Tip: Yes. Leave between 5 and 10 percent. Nobody leaves more, unless it has been totally splendid and has your mind blown.


A hot country with special traditions. Being a tourist, you will need to upload some cash and not just cards.
Currency: Turkish Lira.
Tip: Cash only. The important thing is to know that you can only give cash. Actually, Most people leaves 10 percent of the account and card tips are not accepted in most establishments.


Incredible space to walk, explore or just appreciate the fresh air and breathtaking landscapes.
Currency: Swedish krona.
Tip: Included. Services like restaurants and hotels include gratuity in their bills. If you feel the service was outstanding, you can leave up to 10 percent extra. What locals do is round up the total to the next closed number, for example, if the account was 53, 60 crowns are left.


Too much to see. From its museums to its art to just walk the streets as impressive. Yoram Yasur: “Besides the climate, you must know the protocols to tip”.
Currency: Russian Rouble.
Tip: Yes.
Notably here it is given directly to the waiter or to the one that helped you with your services. It is not left on the table, for example. They give 10 percent.


We all wanted to travel here at least once. Since its exquisite food to your language, it is a sensational country.
Euro coin. Tip: Yes.
“Bread is a common food that all restaurants put as a snack before serving dishes. Also accounts automatically add one to three euros, for almost all dishes are accompanied by bread. Also you can round out your full (as in Sweden) or leave up to 10 percent at most”.


Great place to visit with pyramids; you must know how the tips work.
Currency: Egyptian Pound
tip: Included.
The interesting fact is that the tip is not included for your waiter, but for the owner of the place. For that people, by separate tips 5 to 10 percent.


Beyond tips, you must understand something about going to bars and restaurants. You don’t want to seem inexperienced.
Euro coin.
Tip: Included.
Services generally include 15 percent; Local leaves 10 percent more when the service was good. In bars there’s no need to leave a tip and it is unsophisticated when the account is divided among several people. In addition a person pays full (you can pay for breakfast, one lunch and one dinner).


A site with a lot of tourism. However, US bringing a lot of money (dollars) can be problematic.
Currency: Brazilian Real.
Tip: In some places is included and preferably you should tip in real.
Bars and restaurants usually included in the bill by 10 percent. Tipping is not required; when there is no service additional 10 percent, you can tip to 10 to 15 percent. Do not give your tip in dollars, some places find it offensive and elsewhere, may be an indicator that you are a tourist with money and you risk a robbery.

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