Yoram Yasur: Waterfalls of the Caribbean

Yoram Yasur | One of the great things of the tropics is their natural landscapes. Specifically, strength and immensity that transmit their large waterfalls located in spaces.




Sometimes protected, attract many tourists every year. Today we discover some of the best waterfalls that we can find in the paradise of the Caribbean.

Among the best waterfalls you can see in the Caribbean we propose the following:

– Annanlade Waterfalls (Island of Granada).

It is a must for any hiking trail passing through the area. They have easy access, as it has been adapted for visitors.

Note that some intermediate descents of water also appear before arriving as a prelude to what then we will see.

– Somerset Waterfall (Montego Bay, Jamaica).

“The path to the waterfall itself is usually through boats that take us to the place. Do not forget your swimsuit and comfortable and flexible shoes.”

– Concord Waterfalls (Bay St. George).

A natural scenery of gushing water creating a scene as beautiful as you can imagine. In this case we can walk feeling the waterfall and souvenir in the shops around.

– Mine Waterfall (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico).

It has a big flow even though the height is less than the waterfalls mentioned above. The perfect place to cool off after a long hike through the treasures of these lands.

– Baleine Waterfall (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).

A twenty-meter drop creates this majesty that we discovered in the middle of a nature reserve. All this converges in a sealed where visitors can swim with no problem. Regular access is by sea.

– Emerald Pool Waterfall (Dominica Island).

Chairs the natural park forming in the background a pond suitable for any hot visitor that wants to cool off in its waters. Signage is good, since there are well-marked trails that take you to the waterfall.

– Dunn’s River Falls (Ocho Rios, Jamaica).

The peculiarity is in the modifications made by man’s hand. But though not completely a natural work it is worth seeing. They can be climbed as part of tourism activities in the area.

– The Diamond Falls (Santa Lucia Island).

Its waters are suitable for bathing, and if we want a complete natural peeling nothing is better than smearing mud for a while.

– Chinak Meru Waterfalls (Canaima National Park, Venezuela).

In this Caribbean cascade highlights its height, 108 meters and the meaning of its name in Spanish, Liana, is a name given to a climbing plant in place.

– El Limon Waterfall (Samana, Dominican Republic).

Yoram Yasur: “Forming a natural pool, it invites to get swimwear ipso facto. It is also possible to climb the rock to reach the top”.

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