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Yoram Yasur | Do you dare to discover what gardens to visit in Paris? When people talk about Paris they tend to remember mythical monuments. Like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. But the truth is that the city has many more things to see. Like the before mentioned gardens and green areas.


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In fact, Paris is a city in which these areas of dream abound. Something that can be perceived as you travel its streets.

– Garden of Luxembourg.

They are some of the most beautiful and centric of Paris. Let’s say it is the ideal place to rest and relax after having been walking during the day in the city.

It is located on the border of the district of Saint-Germain-des-Près and the Latin quartier. Its construction took place between the years 1615 and 1617 by order of Maria de Médicis.

The surface of the garden and its 25 hectares are divided in two: one of French style. And another of English type.

“In these gardens we find statues, sculptures, hundreds of metal chairs. All surrounded by plants and trees. It is possible to do some activities like playing tennis or pentaquin. gGames for children and courses of arboriculture”.

– Tullery Gardens.

They are between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde. Formerly part of the now-defunct Tuileries Palace. Its works began in 1564 and became the first public garden in central Paris.

It is ideal to walk the central avenue full of trees and sculptures and the buildings that surround it are of grayish roofs.

Also, these types of corners are a must visit. And answer the question initially raised about what gardens to visit in Paris.

-Resources Gardens.

It is a botanical garden created in 1635 and is part of the National Museum of Natural History of France.

Divided into several areas such as:

The Ménagerie (One of the oldest zoological parks in the world).

Labyrinth (a slope formed of hedges)

The rose garden (we can find subspecies of roses, about 170 varieties)

Historic trees (we found all kinds of trees. Planted in 1734)

Alpine garden (we find more than 2000 plants from the Alps. The Pyrenees or North America).

– Mars field.

Yoram Yasur: “If you want to know what gardens to visit in Paris, possibly one of the most surprising destinations is this garden located in the seventh district. Between the famous Eiffel Tower, the northwest and the Military School to the southeast. In its origins was a field dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and its name comes from Field of Mars Roman (Roman god of the war)”.

Here different events were celebrated as revolutionary parties or the massacres of 1791.

Besides, today it is an ideal place to sunbathe, relax and spend the afternoon just a few meters from the Eiffel Tower.

-Bois de Boulogne.

We find it a little more distant than the previous ones, in the western area of the city.

An authentic paradise with numerous vegetation such as cedars. Two lakes joined by a beautiful waterfall and areas for children with attractions and animal reserves.

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