Yoram Yasur: Great destinations that inspire many prejudices

Yoram Yasur | When we are not very experienced travelers. Going on vacation involve visiting countries that we consider “more civilized”. Free of social problems or tensions. And where, if possible, they give us everything done.

We look at the news, read the newspapers and tell ourselves that “.

We will not travel to that country where drug trafficking is so common. Or where people are robbed at airport entrances”.


yoram yasur destinations-prejudices


Scandalous premises for these great destinations inspire many prejudices. But they really deserve a visit.


The American country has always been subject to questions. Such as, is it safe to travel to Mexico? The answer is yes, except you do it to those border areas where cities like Juarez. Or Nuevo Laredo top the ranking of the world’s most dangerous cities. Drop by Mexico D.F. And its colorful river walks through Xoximilco. The Frida Kahlo museum or the charm of Garibaldi square. Artistic towns such as Guanajuato or San Miguel de Allende. The paradisiacal beaches of the Riviera Maya or enclaves of surf charm. Like Todos los Santos or Cabo San Lucas in Baja California.


The Asian country divides tourists: some see it as the mystical mecca of the world. Others as a country where women are mistreated and sold to their children. Often also confused with the war conflicts of the Middle East. India, in fact, combines both ideas, but most of its problems do not concern tourism. But are internalized by its own society. Thus, a tour of the Golden Triangle (New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur), a Bollywood session in Mumbai. Days in the exotic backwaters of Kerala or a mystical visit to Varanasi become just a few ideas to be realized in This vast country to discover, of course, by train.


When you think of an Arab destination. The mind displays the typical prejudices regarding the security and the warlike environment of its places. Yoram Yasur: “Maybe if you are thinking of traveling to Iraq or Afghanistan these thoughts have a greater foundation, but if you decide to visit Morocco. You will see that the country of the Maghreb, despite some rather struggling merchants in the Medinas of the cities, is a country of friendly places, simple and perfect desert hosts, gardens, raids, bustling plazas or huge bazaars you’ll find in Morocco”.

South Africa:

Despite the end of apartheid 21 years ago, South Africa still has a certain crime rate that you can not deny, but this is something you can always avoid following logical guidelines: do not track poor or lonely neighborhoods, beware of backpacks or special attention to sexual relations with locals. Basic rules when visiting a country of great beauty and one of those who has best known adapt to the new times, promote ecotourism or globalization and turn into obligatory cities such as Cape Town or Johannesburg, coastal enclaves such as the Wild Coast, Kruger National Park among other propitious safaris or wine routes to satisfy discerning palates.


“Despite its beaches, nature and character of open mind Asian country, Thailand has been dragging labels for years as “rape of women” or “political tensions” confirmed with the recent coup. However, the problems of the Asian giant rarely hit the tourist, reducing to low or red neighborhoods that, if they do not go with you, it is better not to run them. The rest you can already guess: a cosmopolitan capital like Bangkok, crossed by canals and floating markets, the incredible beaches of Krabi or Phuket and a Zen environment that floods other desirable cities like Chiang Mai”.

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