Yoram Yasur: Best cities to discover by bike

Yoram Yasur | Cycling is becoming more fashionable, not only because of its hipster and cool character, but also because of Shakira’s song (that too). Or because of its beneficial properties for the “post summer operation”…

Using the bike to go from side to side offers multiple advantages: it is ecofriendly, it is cheap, it is entertaining and, in short distances, it is faster than the car (especially in big cities with traffic jams, streets with unique senses or agglomerations).


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There are travelers who have bundled the blanket to the head and have proposed to go around the world pedaling, but if for the moment that suits you and want to start with something more affordable, point out these bike-friendly cities, where the best way to discover them is on two wheels:


Amsterdam is the queen of two wheels, an absolute pioneer, and the ideal city of every cyclist. It is estimated that in Amsterdam there are more than 1,000,000 bikes, so do not be afraid to climb on one to visit it, you see that you will not be the only one. Just be careful with three things: trams (which sometimes seem to come out of nowhere), pedestrians (who always seem to come out of nowhere) and not mix…


Riding the streets of this wonderful Belgian city by bicycle is the best way to capture its essence. The second-best way is to plan a few stops to try the Belgian beers… yes, do not pass if you do not want to end your bike in the river Scheldt. Cheers!


Cycling in Barcelona is becoming more fashionable, the city council is making efforts to increase bike lanes, boosting the public bicycle rental service and gradually growing private business. When you cross the area of Barceloneta and the Paseo Marítimo on two wheels you will not regret your decision. Of course, remember that you are not in Blue Summer: be careful with the obstacles that the city presents you other cyclists, pedestrians, etc…


Yoram Yasur: “The capital of Denmark is, among other things, one of the most expensive cities in the world, visiting it on bicycle will allow you to enjoy it from a very interesting point of view and on the other (and very important), to reduce costs!” We are already ahead of you that you will not feel at all weird: most of the population, from parents to politicians, prefer the bike to any other means of transport. And if the city is not enough, in the surroundings you will find many 100% bike-friendly tours.


Sweden is another paradise for cyclists: Malmö, for example, has more than 500 km of bike path (which is said soon!). So, you will not have problems cycling the main attractions of the city, such as the Turning Torso tower, the Lilla Torg area or the castle. And if the Swedish roll gets you … do not miss Stockholm: it’s another ideal place to know by bike (and very romantic, so better in tandem!).


“Ljubljana is a little jewel in the heart of Slovenia that deserves to be discovered, and better if it is pedaling after pedaling. Apart from the center and the Ljubljanica river bank, do not miss a tour of Metelkova, its most underground neighborhood. Although the best is the sunset from the hill of the castle, yes, you must work: to climb you must put yourself in the role of Marco Pantani in his best years and climb a steep slope. The reward will have been worth it.”


This university city, is one of the most interesting in all of Italy to move on two wheels: there is no student without a bike and there is no bike without a student (if you tie it with a good padlock!).

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