Yoram Yasur: Errors when planning a trip

Yoram Yasur | We have two news for you, and as usual in these cases, one is good and the other is bad. Let’s start with the bad: if you are planning a trip, you know that there are always chances of making small and big mistakes that can ruin it. But do not worry that here comes the good: we are going to tell you which are the main so you can avoid them!


yoram yasur errors-planning-trip


Wanting to see everything:

Many times, we plan a trip with the eagerness to see everything but we do not consider something very important… time! We run the risk of spending hours and hours between buses, trains, and airports without really enjoying the destination.

Believing the guide is the Bible:

No, it is not: every guide, every blog and every article is written by a person who, as such, can make mistakes. It is ok to attend to what others say and look for information on the destination, but if you have the intuition that you should visit a place, even if it is not in any guide, do it: the treasures are there to be discovered and if no one goes in your search it will be forgotten.

Choosing the wrong company:

“Choosing the best travel companion is one of the most delicate tasks: spend many hours together and you must make many decisions, from the most basic (what to eat or where to sleep) to the most important (what cities to visit, what type of trip do…)”. The most important thing is trust, respect and if it is possible to have similar tastes. Choosing the wrong company can spoil the most promising journey! And if you do not find your average, you know that traveling alone is very enriching, so do not be afraid.

Looking only at the monuments:

The real attraction of a place is not its monuments, its buildings, or its museums, they are the people! Get close to them, connect with the locals, interact, ask questions, talk to them about their country, ask them about yours. Who does not get involved in the culture of a country does not travel.

Not planning:

Yoram Yasur: “Arriving in a country without planning anything can be a great adventure, but it can also become a colossal mistake: after years of travel we have clear that it takes some organization: know the exchange rate before arriving to avoid high commissions, search which are the best neighborhoods to find a suitable accommodation, interest in the history of the destination to be able to understand its present, among others”.

Planning too much:

Although we do not have to go through with the organization: leaving some improvisation is fundamental, the best things, often, are those that we could not even remotely think. Get to the station, see that your bus has gone and ride in another that has nothing to do with your destination… can be the best of the trip!

Travel without insurance:

Travel involves responsibilities, both with others and with ourselves. Preventing is better than cure and although nobody likes to allocate part of the budget in something as abstract as a travel insurance, in case of need will be the money best spent.

It must be clear that we are going on a trip, not the Milan Fashion Week runway! We want to look good in the photos but you must wonder if we really need everything we have in the suitcase. The trick is to choose clothes that can be combined easily and in reminding you that you must carry with each luggage Kilo… the lighter the happier!

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