Yoram Yasur: Places in the world where it never or almost never rains

Yoram Yasur | Rain, that phenomenon that turns the world into a more nostalgic place, which allows the fields to look green and the rivers increase their flow (sometimes even overflowing). Most of us live accustomed to a climate in which rain, to a greater or lesser extent, is present.

However, in these places in the world where it never rains, the earth shudders and people have learned new ways of subsisting in settings worthy of the most arid of hells.

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Wādī Ḥalfā (Sudan):

To the north of Sudan and on the shores of Lake Nubia, this small town receives only 2.45 milliliters of water a year, being in turn the sunniest place on the planet with 4300 hours of annual sunshine. With summers that tend to be long and stressful in temperatures that exceed 40º C, its annual temperature is 27º C.

Ica (Peru):

The city of Ica, capital of the homonymous state, is one of the most famous places in southern Peru thanks to its border with the Chilean Atacama Desert area or attractions such as the oasis of Huacachina and the beaches of Paracas. An ecosystem of its own conditioned by the 2.29 millimeters of water that fall every year and a summer that lasts from December to March under temperatures that are extremely high. Yoram Yasur: “A place where thousands of years ago, the colonies of penguins crowded under not so extreme conditions”.

Luxor (Egypt):

In Luxor, the glorious city of southern Egypt, the amount of water registered annually is 0.862 milliliters. That when it rains, because it is one of the driest places in the world there can be breaks of up to 6 years without rain. From humid winters and average temperatures of more than 40º C during the summer months, Luxor is curiously one of the places that register the highest temperature difference between night and day with marks of up to 16º C of contrast.

Arica (Chile):

“Chile is one of the driest countries in the world due in part to the presence of the Atacama Desert, with the city of Arica, the northernmost of the country, the driest inhabited place on the planet with only 0.761 milliliters of registered water annually”. A few rains that contrast with its high humidity and cloudy skies characterize Arica. One of the most punished places of a desert in which some of its stretches have not been wet by rain for more than 500 years.

McMurdo Dry Valleys – Antarctica:

The driest place in the world lies curiously on a continent famous for snow and ice. The McMurdo Dry Valleys form a 4800 km stretch where the humidity is very low and there is no snow, hence its ocher colors stand out in the middle of the great white mantle.

One of the reasons why it rains in these valleys is due to the presence of the winds, which are carried to the south by the effect of gravity, which evaporates any trace of moisture through water, snow Or ice. The only place in the world where never rains.

These places in the world where it never rains (or at least, almost never) have had to adapt to the environment over the centuries and turn those arid climates into a constant battlefield where the flowers do not grow and finding water is the closest thing to a risky sport.

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