Yoram Yasur: First aid kit for exotic countries

Yoram Yasur | If you have left the adventurous vein and you propose to travel to Asia. Africa, or America, read on.

A trip of this magnitude, is not done every day and is an experience that marks for life.

That is why, today we bring you information on how to make your medicine cabinet. If you travel to an exotic destination. Let us begin!

When traveling to an exotic country, neither food, wildlife, nor the climate resemble what we are accustomed to. So it is very important to have a kit that fits the needs of the destination. All this newness affects our body. Which can respond with fever, diarrhea, dehydration, infections…

But do not panic! This does not mean that it must happen to you, you just must prevent it.

As the Spanish proverb says: ‘Prevention is better than cure’. And that’s what we want: avoid having to cure.

What should your travel medicine kit include?

“Let’s start with the simple part, which cannot be missing in any medicine cabinet. Wherever you go, indispensable for any emergency. Disinfectant, gauze, bandages, bandages, plasters, hair clippers, syringe, needles… Everything necessary to heal small wounds, bruises, burns, sores… Especially if you are going on a backpacking trip. In which you are sure to walk many hours and the humidity. Sweat and footwear can punish your feet”.

Ah! And do not forget the thermometer, it is important that you control your body temperature, lest you have taken a sunstroke and dizzy.

If you have a fever, you should always have Ibuprofen or Paracetamol on hand. Under no circumstances take aspirin, because if your fever is a symptom of food poisoning or tourist diarrhea, in case of bleeding, its consumption makes you bleed more. So, remember: avoid taking aspirin in exotic areas.

An extra in your medicine cabinet if you travel as a couple or if you fly (you never know who you can meet on a trip of this size) remember your institute sex education classes and carry condoms. They are the best way to avoid unnecessary contagion.

Let us continue, now with the necessary material to combat the consequences of the climate. In these countries, there is usually a very high degree of humidity and, in the heat of summer, it is very hot, which means that you will perspire but much, much. This leads to loss of fluids and mineral salts, which will cause you to tire more easily. So, if you have not done a bikini operation, do not worry, because those extra pounds are more safe than the ones you consume with all the travel food. As a good sportsman that you will be during 20 working days, it is very advisable that you always carry some isotonic drink to face the tourist day.

Although it is not necessary, if we feel obliged to remind you that in the summer you should always take sun protection, many hours in the open they increase the risk of you getting shrimp, so, however long you want to be, always sun cream, we want you to come with great memories and experiences, not with skin cancer.

With heat, summer, and humidity we have renters: mosquitoes. They say they tend to sting people with sweet blood, and we are one of those people. If you are one of us do not forget your insect repellent in lotion, cream, or bracelet. And if you itch, remember to put an antihistamine on the sting, it will help you to accelerate the healing process and prevent you from scratching continuously.

We have already mentioned before, there is something almost nobody is free:

tourist diarrhea. It is very likely that you suffer from this disease of many, is almost always due to poor sterilization of food and water quality. We advise you to always drink bottled water or boiled water and in no case, consume raw food. But if you have the bad leg to touch, then you should have antidiarrheal on hand like loperamide or racecadotril.

Yoram Yasur; “To finish this post, something not to forget, if you are with some treatment, you have allergies or need to take some medication for personal reasons, take whatever amount you consider necessary, depending on the daily or weekly doses, so that you are covered throughout trip”.

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