Yoram Yasur: The best destinations for an adventure holiday

Yoram Yasur: There are many reasons why you can decide to take a vacation. Knowing new cultures is always an experience and cultural tourism is a good reason to take a vacation as well as a stay in a good spa for a good rest. On the other hand, if you are looking for action, contact with nature and about all a lot of adventure, you will not choose any of those quiet destinations. Today we show you what your adventurous heart really was looking for; these are the best destinations for an adventure holiday wheatear is with the family, as a couple or just by yourself!

No.1 New Zealand:
New Zealand is full of beautiful places and full of adventure, is ideal for those who seek to know little of everything. The territory of New Zealand has all the options, from perfect places to practice extreme sports both aquatic and terrestrial to animal reserves in which you can meet all kinds of species. Some of the most popular activities in this beautiful country are kayaking, climbing mountains and sailing next to the whales. Although it has some beautiful beaches, these are not the most suitable for swimming. On the other hand you will not want to stay without knowing the fjords New Zealand.

No.2 Indonesia:
Yoram Yasur: “Indonesia is a paradise for adventure tourism. Surfing is an extremely popular sport on the coasts and beautiful beaches of Indonesia, so if you really want to enjoy surfing, you must travel there. As for the expenses there is not much to worry about, as it is about a very economical destination”. It is a destination of adventure perfect even as far as gastronomy, which if will be an adventure as they prepare some really spicy dishes.

No.3 Vanuatu:
In addition to being the right destination for adventure, Vanuatu is a natural and wild paradise. It has beautiful beaches and to make it clearer: Vanuatu is that island paradise and inhospitable that you always imagine as you pull back your chair from the desk dreaming. On several occasions there has been filmed there the TV program in Survivor reality show format. Yoram Yasur: “Vanuatu is far from the civilization, has spaces of virgin forest, exotic animal species and an active volcano, among many other things, by the way you can’t leave the island without trying the excellent coffee of Yasur Volcano”.

These are some of the best destinations for an adventure vacation. Have you visited any of these places yet? What other adventurous destination would you recommend?


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