Discovering Atlantic Africa with Yoram Yasur

Discovering the Atlantic Africa with Yoram Yasur

A flight from Air France or Air Afrique will leave you directly in the capital of Senegal, the city of Dakar, famous for being the destination of one of the most famous races on earth (the Paris-Dakar Rally). This is without a place to doubt the easiest way to access these exotic lands and for many strangers.

Yoram Yasur: The first thing for those of you who do not handle French to perfection, first of all, will be to have a good guide and translator, so many recommend this when coming to the country on a trip and saving yourself the inconvenience (what they will not save is money of course)

Yoram Yasur: Senegal is a country in Africa south of the Sahara Desert and with a coastline in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of its inhabitants are Muslims, although there are tribes that practice Christianity and there are even those who mix both religions and give them beliefs and customs even more ancestral. All this makes the cultural heritage of this country one of the largest in the continent.

To travel around Dakar, it will be best to use the taxi, the shared taxi or the bus and avoid the peak hours, since the organization of the transit in the city is catastrophic. When it comes to moving around the interior of the country, the unique taxi-brousse and vans are always the best options.

Yoram Yasur: Outside the great Dakar you can go to the beaches that cover almost 700 kilometers of beautiful Atlantic coasts with a rather tropical climate that has important natural reserves with great wealth of animals and vegetation. Or else you can enter the continent looking for a different reality and culture as important as Senegal. The people of this nation are above all kind hospitable so you can meet at some time in some remote town in the interior of the country eating and even spending the night in a humble family home. But yes, you must be very careful.

In Dakar you will find much more infrastructure for tourists in terms of accommodation and gastronomy services. Everything in this culture of strong Muslim roots can call your attention, from the typical food, the prayers that are given five times a day or the typical clothes (quite different from those of Morocco or the Middle East). As tourists you must adapt and respect everything that is tradition.

Touring the city is a fascinating exercise for the senses. Colors and sounds occupy everything with rhythms never heard for the typical Westerner. The aromas in the markets and coming out of the tea rooms mix the cigars with typical tastes of the region. Everything is so strong that it cloys and even can make you dizzy.

But far from being a terrible danger, Senegal is a unique destination for the lover of travel and cultural diversity, with a town that offers hospitality and landscapes that are transformed into unforgettable postcards in the mind of the visitor.

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