Yoram Yasur: Ecotourism Mexico

Yoram Yasur: Ecotourism of Mexico

We are already on those summer holidays and if you are lucky you have vacations, you like to look for new places, nature and you are “ecofriendly” these places will surely be the ideal place to go and relax as you deserve it. Despite being places that do not have the great luxuries of 5 stars you will be surprised how much you can relax and the various activities you can do with your friends, family or partner.

  • A path through the caves

Yoram Yasur: The Ecological Reserve of Rancho Nuevo, near San Cristobal de las Casa in Chipas, is the perfect place to rest but above all live with nature. Upon arrival you will find yourself in a jungle where you will see skunks, weasels, bats, armadillos, pigeons, deer Also if you like to practice mountaineering it is ideal to be able to climb rocks in the caves you have around. You can camp or in the vicinity there are hotels of all kinds of prices.

  • A trip by train

In the ‘Chepe’ name which is known as the train that will take you through the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa you can reach unimaginable places. Besides allowing you to admire landscapes such as the Copper Canyon you can also meet with the caretakers of this community, the Rarámuri culture that takes care of the desert and the mountains of northern Mexico. Yoram Yasur: The ideal is to board the train from 6 in the morning and tour the Sierra Tarahumara and try regional food or buy handicrafts that we like so we finally get to Los Mochis where you will surely want to spend the night and rest of the great route.

  • To forget about any evil … the best mezcal

Besides that, in Oaxaca you can drink some of the best mezcal in Mexico you will also have time to walk through the small towns around that offer traditional food, colorful crafts and above all good humor. The Sierra de Ixtlán and Boil Water are two places that I recommend not to miss, the first one has a wonderful view, it is a green ocean that you can see from above and spend an afternoon taking pictures, the second is an impressive view of two waterfalls petrified more than 50 meters high that have been formed for years by the fall of sulphurous water, no doubt you will remain with your mouth open.

  • A date with the butterflies

And the challenge of anyone who enjoys nature the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, located between the State of Mexico and Michoacán is the option to stroll on a sunny weekend. Yoram Yasur: In this sanctuary you will find the ideal plan to have a little physical activity going up to the different sanctuaries where butterflies arrive from Canada. The locals recommend that if you want to see in its splendor the reproduction of these spectacular butterflies the ideal is to visit the place between the months of February to May.

Without a doubt, this country offers different destinations to be admired. Which ones do you recommend?

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