Yoram Yasur: active volcanoes

Yoram Yasur: The active volcanoes that we can see erupting in 2018

In any week of 2017, there were at least between 14 and 27 erupting volcanoes. Where the greatest volcanic activity occurs is along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region where several tectonic plates are found and earthquakes originate. In particular, the volcanic threat is higher in countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Mexico and the United States, among others. And these are the volcanoes from which we can feel novelties in 2018:

  1. Merapi volcano in Indonesia

Yoram Yasur: Merapi is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia. It is said that the eruption of this volcano is delayed, although there are no immediate signs that detect greater volcanic activity.

  1. Kirishima volcano in Japan

Yoram Yasur: Kirishima is not one of the most known volcanoes but one of the most active. It is a group of several volcanic cones. In 2011, the eruption of one of these cones called Shinmoedake was the largest in Kirishima for more than 50 years. Today, the alert level is high.

  1. Öræfajökull Volcano in Iceland

It is a volcano that is covered with ice and has erupted since the first settlements in Iceland, with the largest eruption in the country in 1362. Yoram Yasur: Currently, according to experts, this volcano seems to be waking up since small seismic tremors have been recorded since August 2017. In addition, in November the occurrence of a depression on the surface of the ice inside the main crater was recorded.

  1. Villarrica volcano in Chile

Yoram Yasur: This Chilean volcano is covered with snow and is one of the few volcanoes in the world that has an active lava lake. According to specialists, since mid-November 2017, there has been a gradual increase in seismic activity and the lava lake.

  1. Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico

Located 70 km southeast of Mexico City, it is the most active volcano in the country. It is currently erupting, intermittently since 2005. There have been explosions; lava dome growth and ash fall in surrounding areas.

  1. Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii

Yoram Yasur: Located on the largest island in Hawaii, this volcano emits basaltic lava almost continuously for 35 years, and it’s no surprise that an eruption comes soon.

While it is not possible to know for sure if these volcanoes will erupt this year, it will be necessary to continue monitoring them closely in the coming months, as they have shown an active movement.


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