Yoram Yasur: Nicaragua Wonders

Yoram Yasur: Nicaragua Wonders

I assure you that this country will surprise you! It left me completely dazzled … Located between Honduras and Costa Rica; Nicaragua is emerging as one of the countries of the future thanks to the annual increase of tourists who visit this last jewel of ecotourism. Yoram Yasur: Volcanoes, immense lakes, colonial cities and paradisiacal beaches are some of the highlights that surround this destination that will appear on your travel wish list for the next few months. Do you wanna discover Nicaragua?


Known as the “Paris of Central America”, Granada is the first stop for most travelers visiting Nicaragua. Yoram Yasur: The oldest colonial city of the country takes from Andalusian and Castilian influences, transformed into a labyrinth of pastel colored houses that flows into its imposing yellow cathedral. Located between two volcanoes, the Mombacho and the Masaya, Granada offers several excursions through the Isleta’s of Lake Cocibolca.

Ometepe Island

Yoram Yasur: The island of Ometepe is a destination that deserves a visit of its own due to its diversity and its ecotourism nature options. Located 65 kilometers from Granada, it is considered the “largest island within a freshwater lake of all the world “is shaped like eight, majestic volcanoes like Concepción, redoubts where the locals offer their homes as a” Pueblo Hotel “, diverse pre-Columbian ceramic deposits and natural meccas such as the Charco Verde Reserve, which earned the island its inclusion in the list of Unesco Biosphere Reserves.

Coffee Route

Yoram Yasur: Ecotourism has become one of the main engines of Nicaragua thanks, in part, to places like this Coffee Route that crosses some of the most beautiful places in the north of Nicaragua. The route begins in the city of Matagalpa and continues through Jinotega, Esteli, Madriz and Nueva Segovia. A fascinating route through mountains and misty jungles in which cattle roam, coffee dries out in the open and mud artisans offer souvenirs to tourists. More than a simple coffee tasting, this route exploits much of the folkloric charm of Nicaragua, always, yes, with delicious tamales in between.

Yoram Yasur: Visiting Nicaragua can become the best option if you are looking for a quiet, authentic and exotic destination beyond the Caribbean resorts and Mayan ruins. A paradise still unknown to the masses, which brings more charm to this microcosm in which coffee plantations, natural reserves, surfer beaches and colonial cities make up a combo that challenges all senses.

Did you already visit Nicaragua? I bet that after this article you really want to go.


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