Yoram Yasur: Destinations for art lovers

Yoram Yasur: Destinations for art lovers

One of the many reasons that moves tourism around the world and one of the main attractions of many cities are galleries, museums, and art exhibitions. Do you consider yourself an art lover? Do you know where to find the best places of this type. Well today we present some of the best tourist destinations for lovers of the arts, those places of such important cultural wealth, whose visit will be recorded for a long time.

The cities with more art:

Amsterdam, Holland:

Yoram Yasur: Holland is a country of great importance in the arts and in fact, one of the most influential in history as it has artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Cuyp, or Mondrian. In addition, the city of Amsterdam itself is a work of art: it has spectacular architecture and wonderful landscapes.

Some of the best places to get to know Dutch art in Amsterdam are the Rijksmuseum (National Museum of Amsterdam) with its extensive exhibitions of national art that includes works from the golden age; the Van Gogh Museum, where the largest number of works of this artist in the world are exhibited; and the Stedelijk Museum, which exhibits different works by modern artists.

London, England:

Even more important, England and especially its capital London is another of the pillars of art history, a place that cannot be missed among the possible destinations of any lover of the arts.

Yoram Yasur: London has the British Museum, which worldwide is generally recognized as the world’s largest museum of history and culture; the National Gallery, the main art museum in London where paintings from all over Europe are exhibited from 1250 to 1900 and among other spaces of great cultural importance; and the National Portrait Gallery, where numerous portraits of several of the most important characters in the history of humanity are presented.

Paris, France:

Like London, Paris, the French capital, is an impossible destination to avoid when thinking about the arts and tourist places related to history and culture. Yoram Yasur: France is another of the most important countries in the artistic heritage of humanity and in Paris there are several of the most important works of art in the world. It’s simple, every corner of Paris is a work of art.

We think of art, we think of Paris and, immediately, we think of the Louvre. In this museum one can find a glorious variety in the fine arts, archeology, and decorative arts, including among other works the Mona Lisa or the ancient Venus de Milo. Other museums that you cannot miss in Paris are the Musée d’Orsay that includes works by none other than Monet, Renoir or Degas or the National Museum of Modern Art.

St. Petersburg, Russia:

St. Petersburg, besides being a beautiful city, having many spaces of extreme beauty and being an important city of cold Russia, has perfect places for lovers of the arts.

Yoram Yasur: These places include the important Hermitage Museum, where one of the largest art galleries and collections of antiques in the world is located and where one can see works by such important artists as Leonardo, Poussin or Picasso himself among an incredible 3 million of art elements exhibited there. On the other hand, the Russian State Museum, also in St. Petersburg, offers the largest collection of Russian art in the world and the Academy of Fine Arts, various works of their own students.

Rome, Italy

We talked about Paris and London, but we could not finish with the best destinations of art in the world without naming the Italian capital, the impressive and romantic city of Rome. A city that is practically made of art, historical and cultural value. It has ancient ruins, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, art galleries, museums, etc.

Rome offers all kinds of activities related to the arts, both outdoors and indoors. Even though the Vatican is technically not in Rome, many people come to the city for religious reasons as well as to appreciate the undeniable artistic wealth of the Vatican.

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