Yoram Yasur: Belize, beautiful Central American country

Yoram Yasur: Belize, a beautiful Central American country


Belize is a small great Central American country whose capital is Belmopan, although the most populated is the city that bears the same name and is also the main port. The languages ​​spoken in it are English and Spanish. On the north it has Mexico as its neighbor, while on the west and south it borders Guatemala; to the east is the Caribbean Sea and is separated from Honduras by the homonymous Gulf. The entire territory was in ancient times part of the Mayan Empire.


The pirates of the Caribbean:

Yoram Yasur: There are vestiges of the fact that the area was already inhabited since the 7th century and that by the 9th century it was already an important political and cultural center, it seems that the Yucatecan culture extended by the valleys of the Nuevo and Hondo rivers, in which numerous mounds were found.


In the fourth trip that Christopher Columbus made to America, he explored the Bay of Honduras, but it was not until 1517 that Hernández de Córdoba explored the Yucatan Peninsula. By 1524 the entire Captaincy General of Guatemala was given the title.


Yoram Yasur: Later the whole area of ​​the Caribbean Sea became a paradise for pirates of several flags, but when that time ended many of them settled on land to exploit the so-called “palo de tinte”, which left them huge profits since they only had to cut it and transport it to the coast. In 1638 some British subjects settled in Puerto Valiz, current city of Belize.


The Mayan ruins:

Its northern territory is flat and very forested, the coasts are in some marshy parts, to the south the altitude grows, and we find the so-called Montes Maya, whose culminating point is the Doyle’s Delight of just over one hundreds meters high.


Yoram Yasur: Belize is crossed by several rivers that run towards the sea, including the Sarstún River and the Belize River. In front of its beautiful beaches, bordered by beautiful coral reefs, there are several islands to visit. Throughout the country you can enjoy a warm tropical climate that maintains constant temperatures throughout the year, between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius.


Yoram Yasur: And there is a place that we should not stop going to, it is the archaeological site of Xunantunich, to see the Mayan ruins, only 130 kilometers west of the city of Belize, it has six squares and around twenty-five temples and palaces.

In the exquisite cuisine of the country, rice, vegetables and legumes (mainly beans) are used to accompany chicken, veal, pork and fish. The meals often include coconut milk and are accompanied by fried plantains; Another typical dish is the “snail soup”, prepared with marine mollusks. A beautiful country to travel, to enjoy and to want to return.


Have you ever visited Belize? What do you think of this wonderful country?

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