Yoram Yasur: Emerging tourism destinations

Yoram Yasur: Emerging tourism destinations

Tourism constantly changes, the tastes of travelers and destinations pass through the filter of fashion or the discovery of a new corner that massively attracts tourism for some reason, especially as an improvement in security or a great social event. Here are the 5 emerging tourist destinations, the tourism of the future.

Tel Aviv:

Yoram Yasur: This city of Israel breaks all prejudices against the country of the Middle East by emerging as one of the most cosmopolitan and open cities in the world. Named the best gay city of 2011, it houses one of the largest homosexual communities on the planet while DJs entertain their beach parties throughout the day.

The Hayarkon Park is the most visited park in Israel, museums include numerous archaeological attractions such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, sophisticated skyscrapers, a cuisine that fuses Mediterranean and Arab flavors and an architecture between ancient and modern, are some of the features that make Tel Aviv one of the emerging suns and beach destinations on the planet.

Cape Town:

Yoram Yasur: The outcome of their social conflicts in the 90s and the 2010 World Cup have brought back South Africa, and specifically Cape Town, all its splendor, becoming one of the emerging tourist destinations in the world.

Cape Town collects the best European influences by merging them with its African base offering attractions such as the penguin colony of Boulder’s Beach, the Table Mountain telescope that hangs over the city’s clouds, colorful streets in the former slave neighborhood of Bo-Kaap, paradisiacal beaches such as Beta Beach or Tietiesbaai, its wide museum route or a jazz concert, and the best preserved musical heritage of the city.


The capital of Iceland is also emerging as one of the cities of the future due to its diversity and its thermal resources, not to mention the 22 hours of light during the summer season.

Reykyavik has busy cafes, numerous museums, restaurants that rescue European flavors and a hectic nightlife. If you prefer to go in search of adventures, the offer of spa and thermal springs is very wide, such as Blue Lagoon, where most of these types of treatments are applied. Its landscapes invite to bike rides and with luck you will be able to witness one of the biggest phenomena in the world: the aurora borealis.

Rio de Janeiro:

Yoram Yasur: The city of the moment, in Brazil, is the center of all eyes on the occasion of the celebration of the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016.

The capital of the samba hosts the best carnival in the world in February, tropical and cosmopolitan fusions, some of the best beaches in the world such as Copacabana or Ipanema, the possibility of paragliding from the Pao de Açúcar mountain and an obligatory visit to the Christ the Redeemer watch in the city on Mount Corcovado.


Years after the tsunami and the end of its guerrillas, Sri Lanka is a country that begins to awaken the world in all its splendor, becoming the capital of world Buddhism.

The city of Kandy, named UNESCO Heritage in 1988 and important Buddhist concentration, includes some of the main temples in the world such as Buddha’s Tooth, Kataragama or the magnificent library of Asigiriya. The Botanical Garden of Peradeniya is one of the lungs of a city whose streets are filled with street markets and in July the famous regional festival is celebrated in which dancers, colored elephants and music are interspersed in the streets. For the most Zen tourists.

These emerging tourism destinations are beginning to emerge as those required by tourism in the future due to numerous reasons: social events, improvement of security, sanitation after natural disasters or economic increase. There is still much to discover in our little great world.

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