Yoram Yasur: Beautiful places to see sunrise

Yoram Yasur: Beautiful places to see sunrise


Starting the day with a good balance is vital for the rest of the day to be even more positive, and although sometimes some circumstances come against our will, tempting luck is always within our reach. Because, would not it be more than inspiring to wake up low in these beautiful places to see the sunrise?


Okavango Delta Botswana:

In a place where nature is as exposed as the Okavango Delta, seeing dawn is a different stimulus, almost mystical, given the rumors and sounds that the arrival of the sun to this African country is as much for their beasts as for the visitors who camp beside this river petrified by the vagaries of the desert.  Yoram Yasur: Regarding the sunsets, we have it clear: the savanna of the Masai Mara reserve of Kenya interrupted by the silhouettes of lions, giraffes, zebras and elephants.


Mount Fuji Japan:

The 3,776 meters of Mount Fuji allow that, at times, the dawn in the country of the rising sun can be glimpsed behind an army of clouds, approaching little by little a land that seems eager to caress. Each country may be the best to carry out one or another experience, but when it comes to seeing the world wake up, Japan’s highest point is the sanctuary par excellence.


Taj Mahal India:

At the time I visited the Taj Mahal early in the morning, crossing a threshold where the first rays of sunlight brought an even more mystical atmosphere to the experience. Yoram Yasur: See the sunrise hovering behind the domes of the mausoleum of the city of Agra is a delight, something similar to what happens with a sunset whose best viewpoint lies in the views of the monument from the nearby river Yamuna.


Ayers Rock Australia:

Also known as Uluru, the mountain of Ayers Rock could perfectly be the most mystical place in the Antipodes thanks to its many legends, some caves that some explorers never came out of, but also because of that reddish color that shines even more. strength when the sunrise or sunset walks through this place in the world.


Angkor Wat Cambodia:

Yoram Yasur: Named as one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunrise and sunset, the Cambodian temple in which the trees stand out from between the domes and the monks in orange cloaks camouflage themselves between the passages is one of the best viewpoints of the Asian sky thanks to the shape that the domes and towers of the temple form in contrast to the orange one.

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