Yoram Yasur shows destinations bird watching

Yoram Yasur shows destinations for bird watching

The so-called birding or birdwatching in the Anglo-Saxon world, is a practice that consists in the contemplation and contact with birds in favorable places, either by sight or hearing, allowing the documentation of ornithologists, to satisfy the interest of nature lovers or as others do, a life list, a list with all the birds of the world seen. Here are some guidelines about birdwatching and the best destinations in the world for bird watching.

Mai Po:

Hong Kong is located in a strategic place, bordering the exotic environment of southern China and Mai Po Park has the best growth of native trees, so it attracts a greater number of birds. The ventrinaranja parakeet, cheeked tit (cross between parakeet and cockatoo), climbers or tundridos are some of the most colorful species of this natural reserve of Hong Kong, supported by the WWF association which allows the participation of volunteers to preserve this birdwatching sanctuary.


India is a place of multiple contrasts where there is room for all species of birds, from the magical Rajasthan to the exotic Kerala in the south. Yoram Yasur: In the latter the tropical climate allows the practice of birding in places like the Bird Sanctuary of Thattekad, crossed by the Periyar river and where species such as wild roosters, tocos (similar to the toucan), the gray heron, the sun bird, tail blue or the bearded crimson throat. This enclave was promoted by the famous ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali, who at the time documented a total of 157 species of birds in Kerala.

Florida Keys:

Yoram Yasur: The Florida area includes numerous species of birds thanks to its proximity to the Caribbean and, for that matter, the temperatures of a tropical nature. However, of the many birding sanctuaries, we will highlight the Florida Keys Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a center for injured or stray birds in the process of rehabilitation in their own wild environment and whose entry is only enough for optional donations. Pelicans, herons, or hawks in addition to numerous excursions through the mangroves where you can practice birding following certain guidelines or some of their tours. Totally recommended.

Costa Rica:

Yoram Yasur: The Central American country is possibly the richest in animal and plant species in the world, where the high mountains of tropical forests merge with the oceanic coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific. One of the most recommended areas, starting from San Jose, Costa Rica, is the Monteverde Forest, where there are abundant tropical species typical of mountainous areas such as the quetzal or the blue-eyed chara. If we advance to the Carrara National Park, we will find a wide selection of mangrove birds and the Pacific coast such as macaws, trogons, cotingas or toucans. Paradise for admirers of birding and natural parks.

Coto Doñana:

This famous natural reserve in the Andalusian province of Huelva is the biggest reference in Spain when it comes to birding excursions. The north zone of the park includes mangroves and cornfields that allow the observation of flamingos, the black stork, cranes, or the red duck, while the imperial eagle is the most difficult species to spot. When descending to the south zone of the reserve we found places like The Mother Marshes and The Asperillo, cradle of the warbler, the martinete, the oropendola or the duck spoon.

The practice of birdwatching invites contemplation and the most silent contact with nature, a recommended pastime in the fall and spring for the migrations of birds. Dawn is the right time for bird watching, since it is the moment when they wake up to hunt. Considering these tips, do not forget your particular life list and enter these sanctuaries full of life, sounds and colors. Try to stay informed of new gadgets and techniques for any kind of sport to maximize your bird watching experience.

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