Yoram Yasur: Taking the road alone when traveling

Yoram Yasur: Taking the road alone when traveling

Not having anyone to travel with is one of the most frequent reasons that prevent people from traveling. Traveling unaccompanied are often not even considered an option due to different reasons; for example, to make the trip boring, lonely, or unsafe. However, traveling alone can be one of the most rewarding ways to travel. I have traveled so much with friends and only over the years, but there are too many benefits to traveling alone that I now prefer. So much so that the trips I’ve done the last three years were without someone’s company. The benefits of traveling alone are far greater than the drawbacks, and here is a list of some of them:

Complete and absolute freedom:

Yoram Yasur: Solo travel gives you complete freedom in your decisions. For example, when traveling with others, you must agree always on where to go and what to do. But when you travel alone, you can do what you want, literally, whenever you want. Forgetting the discussions of the type “Well, I really want to see such a place”, “Better then because I do not feel like it”, etc. When you do not have company the only person you have to give accounts to is yourself. In the end, being selfish from time to time is not so bad.

Make more friends:

Most people do not like being alone, much less talking to strangers. That means that we live in our comfort zone and try to avoid new experiences. This is partly what happens when you are traveling with another person: having no real need to communicate with others, you are less likely to make friends while traveling. Meanwhile, when you are alone, your “mental chip” changes and you become a much more open person.

Goodbye to fights:

The coexistence of itself is complex in most cases, now imagine while you are traveling … Traveling is a complex experience that often puts us at the limit of our abilities. Unless you perfectly congenial with your travel companion, it is quite likely that the stress will pass bill and end up arguing at some point. Yes, those frictions overall can greatly improve a relationship, but when you are on vacation all you want is to enjoy.

It will improve your social skills

If you are a shy person, the idea of solo travel can be terrifying, but being shy is even a reason for traveling alone. Traveling is one of the best environments to work on aspects of your personality that you would like to change. If shyness has stopped you before, travel alone will be great for you.

Increase your confidence

By nature, many people find it hard to trust themselves without the approval of others. For example, we condition tastes, hobbies and even things as superfluous as hair cutting, depending on what the environment in which we develop. When traveling without company, your reality changes totally. There you are without anyone else; nor with your family, friends, or co-workers. In this context is when your true self comes out and you must trust yourself.

Fears are often our biggest deterrent in everything we do and unfortunately the only way to overcome them is by facing them. Among the most common fears are rejection and loneliness, and now that you are traveling alone, it is a great opportunity to overcome them.

Things as basic as communicating with other people who do not speak the same language as you, or entering a restaurant without feeling anxious to be alone, will make you trust in yourself. In fact, after doing it several times you will not even think of it as something of importance and simply continue with your life as if it were something of the normal thing.

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