Yoram Yasur: European cities to wait New Year

The best European cities to wait for the New Year

New Year’s Eve is a time to balance, to leave negative things behind and put the energies in the new era that begins. Many people believe that the way they start that new year will have an interference in what is to come and therefore there is nothing better than changing the routine and making an unforgettable trip, to celebrate in a completely different way. Start with the right foot visiting any of these European cities that really make a unique display for the occasion!

It should not surprise you that one of the most iconic cities in Europe is included in this list. On New Year’s Eve, the Eiffel Tower is lit, and the crowd congregates in the Champs Elysees, which provide a fantastic view of the tower. Yoram Yasur: The area becomes a massive street party, waiting for the fireworks show at midnight. The restaurants and nightclubs also offer parties so you will have many options to wait for the new year in a different and fun way. The next day you can join the La Grande Parade in Paris that also brings together many people.

  • London:

A crowd of people congregate on the banks of the Thames to await the new year. Yoram Yasur: The meeting is centered around Big Beng, where a countdown is made, since at midnight a unique fireworks show begins. In addition, you will enjoy the unique view offered by the emblematic buildings, such as the Shard, the London Ferris Wheel and the Parliament Building, which have special lighting for the occasion. Once the count is over, you can avoid the cold by going to the London Sky Bar, which will offer you a unique view of the joy that still unfolds in the streets while you enjoy a delicious meal and listen to the music selected by the best DJs. The next day, you will have the opportunity to see the annual New Year parade, which features the procession of the Queen’s horses, among other attractions.

  • Amsterdam:

Yoram Yasur: The capital of Holland is considered a festive city throughout the year and for New Year’s Eve it lives up to its reputation. On that date there are many improvised street parties that fill the spaces left by the celebrations organized in public spaces such as Rembrandtplein, Nieumarkt, Museumplein and Dam Square. There outdoor concerts are complemented by parties inside the bars, which gives rise to a unique environment that will dazzle you. People acquire many fireworks so at 12 at night you can see a great show, so choose a place in one of the many bridges in the city, have a glass of champagne and get ready to enjoy a unique party in this wonderful city.

  • Stockholm:

While Swedes celebrate Christmas quite moderately, they display all their joy on New Year’s Eve, leading to an unforgettable party. The party is spread throughout the capital of the country with many people who turn to the street to give free rein to their joy. Yoram Yasur: You can enjoy a delicious seafood dinner in a restaurant before moving to Skansen, which since 1985 has become the center of all celebrations. Near midnight, a local celebrity will read a poem and then the fireworks will explode throughout the city. Once the show has finished, people move to the nightclubs, which remain open until 3 or 4 in the morning.

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