Yoram Yasur: Riad, unique destination in Saudi Arabia

Riad, a unique destination in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not one of the most popular destinations on the planet since many of the forms of entertainment as we know them are forbidden, besides that many of the cities have as main events bloody things and not done for those of heart weak, in addition to that the high temperature does not help.

However, there are beautiful places like Riad, the capital of the country, an extremely cultural economic center, since not only can we enjoy the Wahhabi heritage, but we can also see how modern world culture influences its beautiful landscape, a mix that we cannot miss

From road to highway:

It is important to note that, being a very large city, there are no streets as we know them, only roads that decorate Riad in its completeness, as well as that of King Fahd, which goes from north to south; and the Makkah, from east to west. Both are located in the beautiful Cairo Plaza.

Yoram Yasur: If we go through Makkah, we can find many of the destinations for visitors, including hotels and offices. Modern sites such as the Faisaliah Tower or the Kingdom Center are located at the ends of the King Fahd road.

Yoram Yasur: As mentioned previously, south of Makkah we will see all those tourist destinations ideal for international visitors, as well as the al-Murabba district, which houses the Historical Park of King Abdul Aziz, home of the National Museum and the Murabba Palace. Further south of these destinations we can find the citadel of al-Bathaa, an ideal place for all fans of Asian cuisine, as well as many markets and public transport centers.

Tourist destinations in Riyadh:

Yoram Yasur: The Masmak Fortress is in what is considered the “old part” of Riyadh, near the not-so-visited regions of Jabrah and Mikal. A place that can be accessed for free, this was a fortress renewed only in 2008, which honors when King Abdul Aziz moved a huge army to reconquer Riyadh after a long period of tyranny.

Yoram Yasur: Fans of architecture can enjoy its beautiful facade, impeccable since the renovation, while its interior tells how King Abdul’s adventure was and how the city used to be in the past, making this an essential destination in his visit.

Previously, we had mentioned the Kingdom Center, which can possibly be considered the most modern site within the old Riad, an imposing building, the second tallest in the country, and one of the ideal landscapes to see the night arriving, as it is illuminates with various colors. Within this one we can find different shopping centers, although it would be a pity not to go through the beautiful streets of Riyadh, more when they are so beautiful and so full of history.

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