Yoram Yasur gives you traveling tips

Yoram Yasur: Don’ts when traveling

Traveling is one of the experiences every human should experience at least once in a lifetime, within or outside their country. Yoram Yasur: When you are discovering a new place, any experience, good or bad, is going to become one of those good memories you tell your children when you grow up. But to avoid any bad experiences (even if they leave something good in the end), there are some recommendations of things you should avoid so that your trip is full of learning and good times.

– Carrying more luggage than necessary: Besides that, the fact that walking and changing plane or trains with three bags can be annoying, you can save you a lot of money. Many airlines, especially in Europe, have charter flights, in which you can check-in with unregistered luggage and carrying a medium size suitcase. Yoram Yasur: This saves you time in the queues when registering, and you go up and down your flight without waiting for your bags, or having them lost. Bring a medium suitcase that allows you to move easily around the city where you are.

– Overpaying: Yoram Yasur: On many occasions when we travel, we believe that after paying our flight and accommodations, all the money we have left over is to spend as a tourist. Yes, we are tourists, but it’s always recommended to compare prices, because in many places around the world they take advantage when they know you are a tourist and they can elevate the prices. Also try to spend less on food, so that one day you can afford to try something typical of the country that maybe costs a little more, without remorse or fear of finishing your budget.

– Not knowing how to communicate: If you are traveling to a faraway place you should learn some phrases that can help you communicate with the people around you. Asking for water, the bathroom or the airport are basic skills that can save your life on a trip. This is because in some countries they are not used to speaking English, and however well you speak will not make the event. Yoram Yasur: Normally when they see you try hard, they are nice to you and try to help. If you are traveling within your country, having the confidence to ask any questions you have will make you seem like someone open and reliable.

– Losing your documents: It’s the worst that can happen on a trip, because without your papers is very likely that they will not let you leave the country where you are. Yoram Yasur: You can recall going to the embassy of your country, but that is going to take time and will spend more since you didn’t pay attention where you left your things. If possible, always bring your documents in an inner bag and don’t take them out unless it’s necessary.

– Committing a crime: It seems obvious to say that you shouldn’t get involved in legal problems, but often out of ignorance people commit crimes that get them in trouble.

– Getting sick: You should always avoid this; you don’t want to spend two days lying in bed in the place of your dreams. Something that always works is trying to take medications that are not controlled and don’t need prescriptions, and investigate if wherever you are going you’re allowed to have those medications with you in case you feel bad.

– Taking your problems: Yoram Yasur: Sometimes our emotional baggage is the one weighing more. If you’re going on a trip, try not to load your frustrations with you, or you are not going to enjoy your trip 100%. If you want to meet new people, taking you with your problems will not help.

– Going with a closed mind: Try to be observant and not be scared with what happens to you. Don’t be rude and try to take advantage of all your time and energy. The experiences and lessons you’ll live will be with you forever.

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