Yoram Yasur: Reasons to travel to India

Yoram Yasur: Reasons to travel to India

India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for the traveler. A country with so much cultural diversity and a very rich heritage in languages, religion and cuisine, is one of the best options for an enriching trip. Let’s see the best reasons to travel to India.

Reasons to get to know India

Enjoy your cultural festivals

Yoram Yasur: The wide cultural diversity of India offers all kinds of interesting festivals to know and enjoy. Some of these events that you cannot miss if you are traveling in India are the Chennai Dance Festival, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturhi in honor of the god Ganesha, in festival of Onam, the festival of Navroz with its exquisite culinary traditions or the festival tribal of Hornbill. Most of the festivities happen between August and December, a fact to consider for the traveler who wants to enjoy them.

Know the people and the culture

Yoram Yasur: The people of India are characterized by being enormously pleasant, friendly and with a recognized hospitality. There, it is considered an honor to receive guests in the house, so if you have the possibility of visiting a family -now many offer a stay in their homes- you will enjoy a very enjoyable hospitality and you will get a great experience knowing their world and their culture.

Touring health and wellness

For lovers of health tourism, India is special. From retreats to hostels specialized in yoga, Ayurveda and traditional medicine, many travelers especially choose India to take health retreats. There are many programs of several days or weeks to train in some variant of yoga, receive Ayurvedic treatments in spas and participate in health spaces.

Experience your spirituality

Yoram Yasur: India is a deeply spiritual country, and this attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Many people travel to make spiritual retreats, spend time in an ashram and dabble in Hindu meditation and spirituality.

Enjoy your gastronomy

The cuisine of India is undoubtedly one of the most recognized. With its melting pot of aromas and flavors, it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a trip to this country. With its mostly vegetarian condiments and the extensive use of extravagant spices, the food experience in India is a must.

Appreciate the historical architecture

Yoram Yasur: India has an architectural heritage of great value, many monuments declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Some of the must-see spots in India are the Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort, the Humayun tomb, the rock art in Bhimbetka, the great Buddhist monument in Sanchi, the temples of Khajuraho, the Ellora caves, the Champaner Pavagarh archaeological park, the monuments of Hampi, the temples of Chola, the churches and convents of Goa among others.

Go shopping

India is a special place to shop. The rich artisan culture will allow you to enjoy and obtain jewelry, art by hand, textile art especially beautifully worked silk garments carpets, spices, stones and gems.

The inhabitants of India are pleasant and warm and will make you feel welcome at all times. The culture of contrasts, cultural and historical diversity and lifestyles will attract the traveler to discover fascinating cities. If you have the opportunity, do not miss traveling to get to know India.

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