Yoram Yasur: Advantages traveling without reservations

Yoram Yasur: Advantages of traveling without reservations

Traveling without reservations may not be the most common trend for families, but it may be that of young people who go out in search of different adventures and experiences throughout the world. This modality has its advantages, if you are willing to endure wandering from hotel to hotel to get a place, if you do not have a defined course or if you want the destination to surprise you. Anyway, I invite you to know a little more about the benefits of traveling without reservations.

Travel without reservations: what you should know

It may happen that the trip is “lightning”, that is, it was not planned or came at the last moment. In those cases, it is possible to consider the possibility of arriving at a place without reserves. Yoram Yasur: Among the tactics to travel without reservations, you can find the fact of taking advantage of the low season of the destination, leaving home a week day or at an unusual time, and find accommodation in places away from the center: family homes, hostels, rooms with shared bathroom, etcetera.

Yoram Yasur: Traveling without reservations has that detail that makes the activity different, full of mysteries and ideal to bring out the skills of “hustlers” we all have. Among those who travel the most with this modality are young people who carry their backpacks and are willing to walk for hours or hitchhike on the route.

Why travel without reservations?

Beyond how exciting it can be, the truth is that you can get interesting benefits for traveling without reservations. For example, if you arrive at the bus terminal or the airport of a city, it is possible to get cheaper tickets by being close (no more than two hours) to the scheduled departure time. These tickets are known as last minute and have the advantage of selling to the first one who asks for them.

Yoram Yasur: On the other hand, the same thing can happen in the hotel. If it is already 10 o’clock at night and nobody has booked or rented a room, it is likely that you can get a discount for it, because otherwise, the owner “loses a room”. Then, it offers it for half the price to those who do not have reservations and at least get some money, without becoming a cheap hotel.

Finally, another advantage of traveling without reservations is that you are not “tied” to any place. If you paid for 7 days in a hotel in any city but change your mind and want to go to another destination, the amount paid will be lost. Then, you can take advantage of the fact that you do not have a commitment to an accommodation so that you can retire when you wish. They say the rule confirms the exception, if you are traveling with your pet consider calling first you get to your destination.

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