Yoram Yasur: Going on an excursion or an adventure?

Yoram Yasur: Going on an excursion or an adventure?

When traveling, there are many options to travel our favorite destination, with more than one opting to take the simple route and visit the site by any transport, as well as plane or bus, but of course there are many other tourists who decide to walk all sides, and that’s a completely different way of traveling.

Yoram Yasur:Within the last we find ourselves on an excursion and out of adventure, activities that can leave more than one undecided by which to choose but, to be honest, both are very different, and then we will explain why, and which would surely be the right one for you.


To begin, hiking is a much more relaxed activity, something quieter if your thing is not to be agitated or be shocked by the various changes in nature. Yoram Yasur:The excursion is something more group, an activity where we can visit more closely closed sites with a large number of people or ourselves, something perfect for fans of fitness and controlled holiday planning.

Of course, for hiking, there are many things that you have to have to always take into account. For example, what we will be using in the form of clothing, because it is best to wear well-resilient boots, a tourist guide on paper or GPS, check first how the weather will be and what to prepare to face it (as well as umbrellas, or even sunscreen) , and always be alert of the possible dangers of nature, if we choose to go hiking to a natural site, that there may be poison plants or dangerous animals.

Adventure Turism:

Yoram Yasur:Going on adventures, of course, is a much larger, larger-scale activity that involves being more attentive and, at some point, less predictable. If you have enough time, you can put on a big backpack with everything you need to survive and start walking or hitchhiking to different parts of the world, setting up our travel landscape as we do it. This can be an activity both in group and individual, although for security reasons, we recommend going on adventures with a partner.

Some recommendations for all those who want to go out on adventures, or who wish to take into consideration if they are planning an activity of this type, as well as something very addictive and that once we pass through a destination we already want to go through the next, which is ideal for those who want to “escape” from their lives and “live” another, and which helps to increase self-confidence, so if they are in conflict with their own minds, getting out of adventure is more convenient to go hiking, while if you are looking for something peaceful and temporary recreational, the tour is appropriate.

Do you prefer to go on an excursion or an adventure? Which one is right for you?

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