Yoram Yasur: Vietnam: an exotic adventure

Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Vietnam: an exotic adventure

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in Southeast Asia, has as its capital the thriving city of Hanoi but its most populous city is Ho Chi Minh. It obtained its independence from France in 1945 but was newly recognized as a country in 1954. It borders on the north with China, on the northwest with Laos and on the southwest with Cambodia. On the east its vast coasts are bathed by the Sea of ​​China.

Amazing landscapes, flora and fauna:

Yoram Yasur: Currently the country is divided into 58 provinces, the one with the largest number of inhabitants is Thanh Hóa, north of the central region and the smaller amount is Lai Châu, located in the mountains of the northwest.

The largest is Nghe An also in the center and the smallest is Bac Ninh, to the northeast, in the delta of the Red River, one of its two large valleys, since it occupies fifteen thousand square kilometers. The other great valley is that of the Cuu Long-Mekong River to the south, covering an area of ​​forty thousand square kilometers. The rest of the landscape is of hills and very wooded mountains.

Yoram Yasur: There are more than one hundred protected natural areas (including 28 national parks) because the biodiversity in Vietnam is extraordinary. Of its multitudinous flora stand out the coastal mangroves and the northern forests of pines and bamboo. Among its fauna are bears, monkeys, tigers, panthers, deer, elephants, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, more than seven hundred species of birds and more than four hundred freshwater fish.

The most beautiful beaches:

Yoram Yasur: With a distinctly tropical climate and three thousand kilometers of coastline, tourism quickly became a great source of income for the Vietnamese. Some of its most beautiful coastal places are: Ha Long Bay; the fishing town of Vung Tau with its white sands; Mui Ne with one of the most popular beaches in the south and its orange dunes; Today An, very close to the thousand-year-old city of Hue former imperial capital and the beautiful island of Phu Quoc.

Yoram Yasur: Exquisitely crafted crafts such as paper lanterns of all shapes and colors, works of goldsmiths in mother-of-pearl, typical garments made of delicate silk and carvings in fine woods are some of the memories with which we will return to our home. Gastronomy uses fish and vegetables a lot, the most common dish is a soup made with both. With sumptuous hotels to accommodate us and the most modern transport to take us around the country, Vietnam awaits us, hoping that its beauty without equal will captivate us.

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