Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Africa

Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Africa

Unfortunately, many times the African continent is left out of tourism due to the many negative circumstances that haunt the continent. However, in the course of recent years, thousands of tourists approach anyway, visit their many attractions without problems and enjoy an unforgettable adventure vacation.

Tunisia, Egypt and South Africa are the most popular destinations on the African continent, and we have seen each of them in detail, but today I am going to propose something even more intense to you. Yoram Yasur: To continue with the African beauties, I propose to know what to visit in Kenya, another great option to experience the best of tourism in Africa.


Let’s start by learning a little about this destination. The Republic of Kenya is located in the central and eastern part of the African continent, where it borders the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan.

It is a country of standard size and its east coast is bordered by the waters of the Indian Ocean. Yoram Yasur: It has a great topographical variety that includes snow-capped glacial mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, hills, islands, reefs, desert and even volcanoes, which makes the lands of Kenya an ideal destination for those who like adventure and the diversity. The climate is characterized by temperate and high temperatures, it is dry and semi-arid. Its main attractions are the safaris, the beaches with their colorful reefs, their mountains with an exotic flora and fauna, incredible hotels and luxury country resorts.

Haller Park, Mombasa:

Yoram Yasur: Haller Park is an ecosystem built to protect several species of native flora and fauna in the Kenyan city of Mombasa, one of the most important cities in the country. It is an old disused quarry that was rebuilt and redefined to become a natural paradise. It is home to several species of animals as incredible as hippos, giraffes, giant tortoises, monkeys and birds of all kinds. They also offer all kinds of activities and games in which you can have close contact with these species.

Strong Jesus, Mombasa:

Yoram Yasur: The strong Jesus in the same city of Mombasa has been declared and recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. It consists of a small town of enormous historical value on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Within the ancient walls of the beautiful fortification, built between 1593 and 1596 by Portuguese settlers, you can discover true wonders of architecture, pieces of incomparable historical value and a museum of high-class history.

The ruins of Gedi, Malindi

The so-called ruins of Gedi, in the city of Malindi, are an archaeological, architectural and anthropological jewel practically undiscovered in Kenya, a site that awaits a visit full of history and magic. There are many stories full of mystery regarding the purpose of its construction and its past. It was built in the 13th century and, despite the many investigations carried out there, it is still unknown what happened there with certainty. The ruins of Gedi, a city that in some obscure and past time came to host 2,500 people, today awaits with eager new visits.

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