Yoram Yasur: exotic animals destinations

Yoram Yasur: The best destinations to see exotic animals

The fauna of a destination is always one of the main attractions when traveling. With more or less luck to see certain species and always respecting the environment, these are some of the best destinations to see exotic animals!

  • Belize

One of the most tourist enclaves of the Caribbean has one of the richest ecosystems on the planet among which are several races of cats and tropical birds, highlighting 145 species of mammals and 500 of birds. The jaguar, the ocelot, the puma or the mountain lion are some of the feline species that abound in Belize, some of which are more visible than others. Regarding birds, the toucan is the national animal while the frigate bird or the booby of Nazca coexist on the coasts. Yoram Yasur: Arachnids and snakes are other inhabitants of tropical forests while the seabed offers endless possibilities, from rays to barracudas, highlighting the parrotfish, which loves to eat coral.

  • Namibia

This Southwestern African country was the first in the continent to incorporate nature reserves to preserve some of the most charismatic species on the planet, specifically 26 parks. Stampedes of wildebeest, rhinos, zebras, elephants or giraffes constitute this perfect framework to contemplate the African savannah, where the Etosha National Park stands out, to where numerous safaris depart. Namibia is a place of contrasts, from the elephants of the Calahari desert to the 430 species of birds in the Caprivi region, a gift for the senses where the elephants begin the journey with your jeep.

  • Malaysian Borneo

Yoram Yasur: The third largest island in the world, in the Java Sea, is divided administratively between three countries: Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. This last part, divided at the same time between the Sarawak and Sabah states, is the richest and most varied in terms of exotic species, being the best point of Southeast Asia. Hummingbirds, macaques, toucans, rhinos or the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia. These are some of the attractions of an island that offers numerous possibilities among which stands out the Bako National Park, where you can see the typical proboscis monkey, or the Kinabatangan river where elephants usually gather. Diving is another of its attractions, being able to discover species such as turtles or whale sharks.

  • Costa Rica

Yoram Yasur: The Central American country owns 4% of all the species of the entire world, something that makes it a paradise for lovers of exotic fauna. Sloths, crocodiles, monkeys or the typical red-eyed frog, symbol of the country, are some of the 500 animal species that coexist in Costa Rica, whose reference point is the Piedras Blancas National Park of almost 35 thousand acres, where hundreds can be observed of strange plants and animals thanks, in part, to the constant tropical rains that nourish one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Yoram Yasur: The best destinations to see exotic animals in the world, gather exclusive species and their accesses are usually facilitated by safe excursions or access to nature reserves. Do not miss the opportunity to undertake one of the best adventures of your life among rainforests, plains, wildlife or dreamy sea beds. Wildlife is always a good place to meditate and reach mindfulness.

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