Yoram Yasur: What to see Abu Dhabi?

Yoram Yasur: What to see in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, composed of seven emirates. This country is very rich thanks to its oil wells, so extreme luxury and extreme poverty is the classic in this country. The vast majority of places to visit by tourists will be places where you can breathe money and power. Are you going to visit Abu Dhabi? Do you want to know what to see in Abu Dhabi? Today we bring you some places to visit in this city full of culture and activities to be done.

Zayed National Museum

Yoram Yasur: It is an architectural wonder in itself, was also built with the highest energy efficiency possible and also integrated with the artificial hill where it is located. If you do not want to enter the museum to know the history of the emirates, at least visit its structure, it is impressive.

Heritage Village

In Heritage Village you can see how the ancient Bedouins lived. It is an exact replica of a Bedouin camp. You will be able to see how the fishing village lived and the life of the farms, as well as a museum and exhibitions of camel riders. Take the opportunity to learn about their culture and folklore, and why not? To ride on a camel!

Ittihad Square

Yoram Yasur: Do not forget to visit the numerous parks and gardens, as well as Abu Dhabi squares, most of them are in areas where desert land has been won. But, among them is Plaza Ittihad, where we will find perfectly maintained garden areas. But the amazing thing is the sculptures of giant size amphoras. Even one of them acts as a source. The vision is precious.

Great Mosque (Scheich Zayed)

It is one of the largest mosques in the world. Your visit is a must, because of its structure and decoration, it is one of the most impressive to see.

Palace of the Emirates

It is the most expensive hotel in the world, its construction cost about 3 billion dollars. Yoram Yasur: Your visit will leave you amazed, for its exquisite decoration and the beauty of its structure. Inside we find a variety of restaurants.

Capital Gate Tower

If you are amazed by the leaning of the Tower of Pisa, then you must visit this tower. He entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the building with the greatest inclination in the world. And that is, far exceeds that of the Italian wonder. This building, perfectly structured has an inclination of 18 degrees.

Yoram Yasur: There are many places to visit in Abu Dhabi, as in all cities, here we have discussed the most important and impressive, but everything is your choice of course. You have to be careful with the weather though, specially if you are practicing some kind of sport or physical activity.

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