Yoram Yasur: Remote islands to vacation

Yoram Yasur: Remote islands where you can go on vacation

You love adventure tourism, do not you? Well then you are totally and completely in fashion, because the new trend in travel is vacations in deserted islands. Yes, as you just read. So, if you want to spend the summer in the Tom Hanks style in The Shipwrecked, you cannot miss these deserted islands that you can visit during your vacations.

  1. Islas del Maíz, Nicaragua

These two tropical islands located some 70 kilometers off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua offer paradisiacal pristine beaches and coral reefs. Here if you can escape traffic, shopping centers and everything. What a wonderful power to lie down and observe the incredible landscapes that this place offers us! Admiring and resting, is there something better?

  • Raiatea, French Polynesia

Yoram Yasur: Considered a sacred island, Raiatea is the best-preserved archeological site in Polynesia. Besides admiring the purest nature, you can stay at one of the most luxurious resorts in the region. Ideal for lovers of comfort and nature. Would you like to visit it?

  • Cayo Corker, Belize

Do you want to feel the tropical breeze on your face while you walk barefoot through the best beaches? It sounds wonderful, who would not want that. To get away from the routine and the daily runs, it is best to leave the civilization and land in a place where you can lie down, sunbathe and breathe fresh air. Are you going to miss it?

Yoram Yasur: Although it is part of the recognized Hawaii, Molokai Island is completely a world apart. It is 14 kilometers from one of the most popular hotels in Hawaii, West Maui, but in Malokai all you will find is a beautiful landscape and a lot of tranquility. Would you choose it as your next destination?

  • Block Island, United States

Yoram Yasur: Many tourists come to this island located 19 kilometers off the coast of the American state of Rhode Island. Its landscapes, very similar to those of Ireland, will surprise you with its cliffs, its freshwater ponds full of vegetation and wild roses that climb the dunes of the beach. It sounds beautiful!

  • Koh Thonsáy, Cambodia

This small island of Cambodia is one of the best kept secrets of this country where you can relax by the sea immersed in the splendor of the nature of the Gulf of Thailand. If nature is your thing, I think this will be your next destination.

  • Archipelago of the Quirimbas, Mozambique

Yoram Yasur: Mozambique was declared by the World Wildlife Fund as the global leader in nature conservation, so you can imagine what you will find there, a true paradise. The islands of this archipelago belong to one of the regions that have not been touched by the hand of man, it must be absolutely beautiful, do not you think?

Did you know any of these islands where nature is what counts? Sure, you stayed with desire to visit any of them, which is your favorite?

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