Yoram Yasur: Fire Island

Yoram Yasur: Fire Island

South of Long Island and parallel to its shores is Fire Island bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and part of the County of Suffolk and this, in turn, of New York. It is long and thin, with a length of almost fifty kilometers and an average width of one.

  • Bays, forests and beaches

Yoram Yasur: Both islands are separated by the Great South Bay but connected in turn by two roads, the Robert Moses Causeway, which is born in the Captree State Park, on Long Island and reaches the Robert Moses State Park, on Fire Island, is the First access coming from New York City. Then, in Bahia Angosta, the William Floyd Parkway, which runs from the Shirley Park marina, reaches Smith Point County Park, located in the easternmost region of the island. There are also several ferries that make the route for those who want to get there sailing.

If we started to cross it from the east, after Smith Park we arrived at two beautiful coves, Robinson Cove and Long Cove, connected by land on the Dune Walk. Following this last course to the west, in a part where the island widens enough, we have the Watch Hill Visitor Center. Passing it, it arrives at the residential area where they have a post office and the coastal walk of Windward Walk; From there we headed to Davis Town Park.

  • Rest and fun at the same time

Yoram Yasur: Further west, where the island narrows, we will see Barret Beach Park and another beautiful town, Fire Island Pines, with its small harbor, marina, hotels and restaurants.

On the outskirts are the Sailors Haven Visitor Center and the Sunken Forest, where it ends is Point O’Woods, a whole city, with many more amenities and attractions, the environment is part of the Fire Island National Seashore. In another narrowing of the terrain is the Atlantique Park and in its vicinity Fair Harbor with its beautiful lagoon with access to the sea, the Clam Pond and to walk along the coast there is nothing better to take by the Bay Promenade.

We arrived at the Lighthouse, which has years of history, and beyond the Robert Moses State Park that we mentioned earlier, where we started the reverse journey. Yoram Yasur: Several celebrities have chosen Fire Island as a place of rest and thanks to them there has been a lot of tourism to the area and nothing is missing there for an unforgettable vacation. A family place where children can enjoy riding a bicycle or play on the beach without any danger, where there will always be activities to do in a group and just one step from New York, really incredible.

Did you know about Fire Island? Have you ever visited New York?

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