Yoram Yasur: Tips for traveling better this summer

Yoram Yasur: Tips for traveling better this summer

Yoram Yasur: Summer vacations are closer than we think, and we should not delay when choosing a destination, buying tickets or booking accommodation. One of the most anticipated moments of the year and that, on the other hand, also attracts other people who, just like you, are looking forward to enjoying the summer. Massages, high prices, high temperatures… Maybe it’s time to break with the established and apply these tips to travel better this summer.

Travel before the rest. . .

If you are going to take a plane, try to arrive soon if you want to save the typical overcrowding at noon and in the afternoon. If you do it by car, try to leave as early as possible or even do it at night, the best time to travel on free roads and reach your destination early, being able to take advantage of the entire day and, of course, without the added of tourists who walk on the street, cars that block the exits and hotels whose reception serves kilometric queues.

Practice slow tourism

Massified beaches? Noisy hotels? Maybe it’s time to change customs and travel to that place where we will find something more peaceful: an inland town, perhaps with a nearby river, with lush forests and, certainly, cooler temperatures. Slow tourism is responsible for promoting the total merger of tourists with these rural enclaves so that, more than a traveler, it becomes an inhabitant for a few days. Yoram Yasur: Wineries to investigate, organic products to consume, horseback riding and many other activities that you will decide when and how to perform.

Acquire a timeshare

If you want a holiday place that you can adopt as “yours” we invite you to consider the option of shared time, a mode in which individuals or agencies offer residential homes or apartments in coastal areas, so that you can enjoy the accommodation as if you were in your own house. With its own kitchen, several rooms and even a garden with a swimming pool, children will enjoy themselves, they will be more controlled, and you will be able to enjoy true relaxation.

Other beaches

Yoram Yasur: Yoram Yasur:We do not know how but, every year, we are often dragged to visit the same coast as the year before. However, you will know that there are many other still undiscovered maritime enclaves in which the massification still resists or, at least, not as usual.

These tips for traveling better this summer will help you rethink your holiday habits and even contribute new ideas to travelers who are looking for new experiences.

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