Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Uppsala, Sweden

Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Uppsala, Sweden

Not many times we talk about university cities on this site, which is strange considering that there are many of them throughout the planet, and each one is more beautiful than the other. In the case of Sweden, Uppsala is home to two of the most prestigious universities in all of Scandinavia and it is a generally young environment due to the huge number of teenagers who reside there. Let’s get to know Uppsala, one of the biggest cities in Sweden.

  • Culture and art

Yoram Yasur: Since we talked about the subject, we cannot fail to mention the Uppsala Castle, the second largest building in the city, whose long corridors are full of old paintings of several centuries and many other historical artifacts that will be of great interest to fans of the history and the Swedish past. Another part of the space that covers the castle is occupied by the Uppsala Konstmuseet art museum. Speaking of history and art, it is important to note that the University of Uppsala is home to the Silver Bible, a treasure that dates from the sixth century, present to anyone who wants to see it.

  • Architecture of Uppsala

Yoram Yasur: The most important building in the whole city itself is the Uppsala Cathedral, which can be seen almost anywhere we are, particularly its roof with meticulously crafted tips, a true architectural beauty. As if that were not enough, it is the largest church in all of Scandinavia, the place where more than one member of Swedish royalty is buried, and the official home of the Church of Sweden. Yoram Yasur: Although it is free to enter the building, you will have to take a ticket to visit the museum that accompanies it.

Of the two universities in the region, Uppsala University calls the most attention, since it is the oldest of the Scandinavian territories to be built in 1477. Being a very international area, you may discover that communicating in English is very simple, and that many of the signs and instructions in the area are in both languages. It should be noted that other tourist sites as well as the Cathedral and the Uppsala Castle also have bilingual signs, and some in languages ​​as well as German and Russian.

If you can make your reservations to travel to Uppsala in September, we recommend that you visit the Kulturnatten, where all those who work in culture within the city stand on the streets and show their talents to every human being that passes, a very entertaining event and ideal to open or close our visit to this city without equal, a sample of what Sweden has to offer.

Soon for a trip to Sweden and know the benefits of Uppsala?

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