Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Chiloé

Yoram Yasur: Tourism in Chiloé

Chiloé is located to the south of Puerto Montt and has a similar size to Jamaica but is totally different from everything, a true microcosm within the area of ​​mountain lakes. It is known as the ‘Big Island’ and is a true jewel of tourism in Chile. We find in it all kinds of environments: the marine habitat, the “tepual” (typical swamp forest there), the lake, the mountain and the windy “peat” very similar to the tundra. And each of them with its own fauna and flora.

  • The National Park of Chiloé

Yoram Yasur: The island prides itself on having a National Park of 43,000 hectares and a majestic mountain range as well, Piuchué. The traditional occupations are agriculture, fishing and handicrafts (the braided quilineja, a light and thin liana, produces very fine baskets and great attraction for tourists).

The architecture could be defined as a strange mixture between the houses of the “American Far West” and the more traditional buildings of New England. Wood is the main raw material, not only for the construction of houses but for transport (boats, carts and sleds) and industry, there are factories of agricultural instruments, flour mills, presses and looms.

  • Gastronomy of Chiloé

Yoram Yasur: Chiloé is a generous place, it offers both the fruits of the land and the sea. Among the first ones, potatoes, carrots and large garlics are worth mentioning, and among those of the sea, sea bass, barnacles, conger eels, clams, mussels and, in addition, algae. In the rivers, which have the right gradient, clean waters, good gravel beds and rich sources of food are caught good trout, brown and rainbow, which are caught the old way, with fly and cane bamboo; they say that copies of up to ten kilos have been obtained. The previous comment has been for fishing enthusiasts but for those who like quieter activities we note that one can spend entire hours on the coast observing birds and marine mammals.

  • Legends of Chiloé

Yoram Yasur: There is a whole tradition of myths and legends on the island. It is spoken of beings that inhabit the forests and protect sometimes and others make fun of the inhabitants. They are given power over climate and nature and are considered guilty if something is missing as well as if they are going through a time of abundance. A bottle of excellent wine, a crispy freshly baked bread and an exquisite trout will be missed forever and will give an incredible desire to enjoy them again visiting this beautiful island bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

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