Yoram Yasur: Main attractions in Dublin

Yoram Yasur: Main attractions in Dublin

Attractive Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is a favorite destination for lovers of both backpacking and luxury tourism. It is a truly beautiful city, full of the magic of Celtic history and traditions, a rich cultural environment and unforgettable landscapes. Today we want to tell you what the main attractions of Dublin are so that, if you visit, you can make the most of what this beautiful city offers.

  • Culture

Yoram Yasur: The cultural aspect of Dublin is very broad, given the extensive history and culture of the country. You can start at the famous theatrical circuit of the Abbey and Gate theaters. It is a must, if you travel to Dublin, to attend the classical theater plays by the hand of its most recognized authors, such as William Butler Yeats and John Millington Synge; works whose staging are acclaimed internationally. Other options are the Trinity College gardens and its huge range of academic activities, the Andrew’s Lane theater to enjoy traditional Celtic music or the famous Theater, Music and Comedy Festival: the Dublin Fringe Festival, if you travel in September.

  • Gastronomy

What better than being in Dublin to enjoy traditional Irish cuisine? Its famous stews, soups and stews of meat can be appreciated in many restaurants in this capital. Also, of note is the seafood offer and, of course, the huge variety of Irish beers that you will find here. Yoram Yasur: The best and most famous Irish pubs are the Temple Bar and the Porterhouse, where you will enjoy the classic and renowned beers of this country that travel the world in the festival of Sant Patrick. The Guinness brewery is located in this city. You can visit it and at the end of the tour you can taste one of its best beers on the terrace of its facilities, where you can also appreciate the whole city in a panoramic way.


Yoram Yasur : Undoubtedly Dublin is one of the destinations in which better historical tourism can be done. Travelers who love history will be fascinated by the range of options of places with historical significance that exist. Some of them: Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gallery, the well-known Guinness brewery, the National Museum of Ireland, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Parliament (Leinster House), the James Joyce Museum, among many others. A tour of these sites will imbue you with the rich Irish historical tradition, its Celtic roots and the fascinating history of this country.

With these data you can fully enjoy the Dublin experience. Now you only have to book your tickets!

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