Yoram Yasur : best cities in for gastronomic tourism

Yoram Yasur : The best cities in the world for gastronomic tourism

Let’s travel! And to eat! Those are two things that I adore. I’m sure you like it too. Then I propose to make a gastronomic trip around the world. I want to tell you which the best cities in the world are to do gastronomic tourism. Open your mouth and let’s go!

  • London, United Kingdom

It is among the meeting places of the gourmet upper class. Even the street stalls are on the same level as a five-fork restaurant. Many young chefs have found in London an ideal place to develop their talent as the best.

  • Mendoza Argentina

Yoram Yasur: Undoubtedly, Mendoza is the capital of good wine and we cannot leave it aside in our journey. The restaurants of typical foods such as the asados, meat empanadas, puchero and locro among others are incredible dishes. Argentina is also one of the best producers of wines in the world, specially red wines and specifically one of the best Malbec wines. Try to enjoy but not abuse, otherwise you could end up with liver cirrhosis.

  • Lima Peru

Thanks to its location near the sea, Lima has a great variety of dishes that dominate fish and seafood. One of them is ceviche. It is raw fish cooked in lemon juice that is accompanied with raw onion and a little hot pepper. The neighborhoods of Miraflores and San Isidro are a perfect example of why we consider Lima part of the virtual tour, since it has a wide repertoire of restaurants.

  • Bologna, Italy

Yoram Yasur: Italians consider it as the cradle of purely Italian gastronomy. Here the Bolognese sauce originated with tomato and ground beef and you will even have the pleasure of trying Parma ham and cheese, parmesan of course!

  • Singapore

Singapore can fairly be considered a great representative of the gastronomic journey thanks to its diversity of dishes. It is the most awarded city in Asia with a large number of restaurants that have more Michelin stars.

Yoram Yasur: We will include Barcelona in our gastronomic tour thanks to the seafood and fruits of the sea that prevail in its dishes as well as its tapas bars and family restaurants.

  • Jaipur, India

There are few exotic cuisine sites such as the city of Jaipur. Without going any further, you will find a large market of spices there and what better than to try the famous curry from its very cradle?

  • Tokyo, Japan

It is one of the cities with the most Michelin stars in the world. You will not only find sushi and sweet and sour pork chops. You will also find all kinds of gourmet food at really cheap prices and for all budgets.

  • New York, USA UU

New York chefs are always innovating and the range of chefs that exists is impressive. Imagine that more than 8 million people live of all kinds of race and religion. New Yorkers are trend creators and they know it very well.

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