Yoram Yasur: most dangerous islands in the world

Yoram Yasur: The most dangerous islands in the world

Yoram Yasur: The destinations that we present today are not intended for all tourists. So I warn you that if you are looking for dreamlike natural landscapes, festivals, music, or gastronomy, in our article today you will not find any of this.

But if yours are strong emotions and adventure, get ready for a trip to the most dangerous islands in the world, while fascinating. In the following article we tell you what are some of these most dangerous corners, do you dare to visit them?

– Cobras Island

35 kilometers from Itanagar, on the southeast coast of Brazil, what many have called the Cobras Island awaits you. Its real name is Isla Quemada Grande, and of paradisiacal destiny it has rather little. Although it could be the perfect setting to shoot some adventure movie in the purest style of Hollywood.

And the island has the spectacular figure of 5 cobras per square meter. That is, a visit only suitable for the bravest. In spite of everything, the Brazilian island hides a nature as beautiful as wild and dangerous. But yes, a scenic beauty seen from the distance.

In fact, one of the most dangerous snakes on our planet, Golden Lancehead, lives on Isla Quemada Grande.

– An island in Venice with a dark past

Yoram Yasur: Another island that we could also consider as one of the most dangerous in the world is Poveglia Island. The most daring tourists will have to approach a lagoon of Venice, in Italy, to discover a tourist destination with a lot of history. Although a story that puts the creeps.

And is that Poveglia Island is also known as the island of no return. During Roman times, the island was used to isolate plague victims.

Later, during the Renaissance, the island became the place to stack the dead bodies that died because of the bubonic plague, which devastated Europe in the fourteenth century. Here, the bodies were cremated. Even men, women, and children still alive were thrown into the cremation pyres. So, with such a past, few brave people enter this corner of Italy.

– Izu volcanic islands

Yoram Yasur: The Izu archipelago, belonging to the Japanese national park Fuji-Hakine-Izu, consists of a group of 13 islands of volcanic origin located in southern Japan, among which, the largest is known as Izu Oshima.

At first glance, this group of islands may seem like a heavenly place where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday, lay on your sand, and enjoy its crystal-clear waters. The reality is very different, and that is that the intense volcanic activity of these islands makes their water and land have the largest sulfur concentration in the world.

Yoram Yasur: This is the reason why, in 1953, all its inhabitants had to be evacuated leaving it uninhabited for almost 50 years. It was not until the year 2000 when, little by little, life was returning to this island. Of course, everyone who wants to set foot on this island is obliged to wear a gas mask that protects them from dying poisoned by sulfur.

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