Yoram Yasur: Protecting your luggage when traveling

Yoram Yasur: Protecting your luggage when traveling

The safety of our luggage is something that worries us when we travel or when we are back home with shopping and souvenirs. Not surprisingly, the loss or loss of luggage is frequent and, unfortunately, also the theft of the most valuable of its contents, when we invoice them. That is why today we give you these eleven tips that will help you protect your luggage, if you travel soon.

Yoram Yasur: In addition to not neglecting the bags and always having them close, do not leave them unattended even for a moment while we go to the bathroom or get a soda from a vending machine, these eleven tips will help you, as far as possible, to avoid or do more difficult for you to have problems so that your content is intact …

Tips to protect your bags

These tips are intended to help your luggage arrive intact and without damaging, and at the same time avoid if it is possible that your belongings may be stolen or stolen. If you can think of more practical advice, leave us a comment so that we all know your tricks.

– Close the suitcase with a padlock or use a ring to attach the zippers

Those who want to open your suitcase, will waste a lot of time in opening it if you have a suitable padlock or put a ring as seen in the image. It is not that it is worth much as protection but they will surely choose to choose another one to open and devalue rather than take longer to open yours.

– Put a label with your data out and put a business card inside each suitcase

Yoram Yasur: This helps that if the suitcase is lost due to errors in billing or for any other cause, whoever finds it can send it back to your home. In my opinion it is better to put the address of the company where you work and not our particular address, so they can deliver it there if the suitcase appears while we are traveling.

– Take a picture of your suitcase

Although we know how to distinguish our suitcase from others when they leave the baggage belt, it may not be so easy for us to describe it if it is lost. All current suitcases are similar. “A medium suitcase, with wheels and handle, black or blue…” can describe hundreds of different suitcases. If we have it photographed, we can give that clue and make it easier to appear before.

– Put a ribbon around your suitcase

We do not say it for the same reasons that we recommend using a padlock or a ring that joins the zippers, which is to prevent theft. Putting a belt or a belt around the suitcase protects this from accidentally opening due to the blows that can be suffered when handled by the billing and loading personnel. Many times the suitcases explode and we see the content distributed by the tape and a semi-open suitcase. This way we avoid it in a simple way.

– Keep billing receipts in a safe place

Yoram Yasur: Upon check-in they will give us a receipt that allows us to track the suitcase and follow up in case of loss. It does not hurt to photograph what they stick in the suitcase and have it at hand in case our luggage is lost.

– Better four-wheel luggage than two

Yoram Yasur: Trolley suitcases can have two or four wheels. The four wheels are easier to handle and do not need to be dragged as they can be pushed to the side or by pushing. Today, they have a similar price. The best thing is that if a wheel breaks on the trip, the four-wheel can continue to work comfortably while the two-wheel, if they lose one in handling, will be lame and will be very difficult to carry, except carrying them .

– Put valuable things in hand luggage

No matter how safe our suitcase and our padlock is and no matter how much we protect it, it is easy to open any suitcase, and more for those who can pretend to take our shoes off. There are many suitcases to put on the plane and it takes a while to place them. There are also airports where things often disappear more frequently, so it is worth taking precautions. It is preferable that things of value go with us. Computers, tablets, cameras, passport, and money go much better in our handbag. In addition, as I already told you here, it is advisable to always carry a change in your handbag and the essential things -medicines, toilet, etc.-, in case the suitcase is lost, so as not to stay without it until the luggage appears.

– A rigid or semi-rigid suitcase can better protect your objects

Sometimes our bags will be forced to travel in very small spaces and they may not have to go in the best part. Look at the image and you will understand why perhaps it is better for your suitcase to be rigid.

– Use suitcases that are not ostentatious

A new, fashion brand suitcase and an enviable design can be a claim for potential thieves. It is preferable to use more discreet luggage that does not seem to contain valuables.

– Never leave the suitcase abandoned

Thus we began the collection of tips, warning that the most important thing is to always have the suitcase next to it, always in sight and without neglecting much. Do not leave your suitcase or leave it unattended or it is likely that when you come back for it is gone. It is possible that the airport staff has removed it – for security – or it is also possible that someone has your suitcase and you will not see it again.

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