Yoram Yasur: Destinations for the adventurous

Yoram Yasur: Destinations for the adventurous

There are those who like to travel in search of adventures and leave relaxing for another opportunity. The world offers endless places that offer amazing landscapes and activities for those who want to experience adrenaline situations and take with them experiences that will remind them of certain places and emotions throughout their lives. In this sense it is that today we bring you some of the best destinations for adventurous souls who should definitely travel to experience and enjoy in a big way.

No.1 Switzerland

Yoram Yasur: Switzerland is one of the most famous tourist destinations of all time. The adventure is everywhere and there, framed in a dream landscape, one can enjoy hiking, rafting, paragliding, cliff diving, air boarding and dog sledding among many other activities that are also available throughout the year.

No.2 South Africa

Mountains, oceans, jungles, safaris, reserves and a shocking culture is what an adventurer offers South Africa. All this makes it the perfect package for those who like the adventure and exotic and memorable experiences.

No.3 Norway

Yoram Yasur: Norway for being the land of the Vikings has a special halo for those who love adventure. The place is spectacular both for the culture and for the landscapes and the possibilities it offers. Adventures in the snow, at sea, the best mountains in the world and an environment conducive to exploring make Norway a destination for those looking to combine culture with mystery and of course adventure.

No.4 Madagascar

Yoram Yasur: This Indian Ocean island has become a very popular tourist destination. The wide variety of water activities that are available has increased considerably due to the momentum that ecotourism has in the region. It is undoubtedly an exotic destination where Africa is present and where activities on land are as or more intriguing than those that can be done in the ocean.

No.5 Peru

Peru is the Latin American capital of adventure. It combines in its territory the Andes, the Amazon, Machu Picchu and Nazca and therefore the variety is inexhaustible. It is definitely a country worth visiting at least once, especially if we are looking for cultural and adrenaline experiences. Also eating there is an adventure, since you can eat from llamas to fish and rabbit.

Surely in these destinations find adventures and the levels of adrenaline, intrigue and emotion that are sought when tourism is of this type.

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