Yoram Yasur: Discovering Barcelona

Yoram Yasur: Discovering Barcelona

Barcelona is not only one of the most visited cities in Spain (constantly rivals Madrid) for occupying the first place, but also one of the ones that receives the most tourists worldwide. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its spectacular gastronomic offer, its varied cultural agenda, and a rich and unique culture make it an ideal destination for both foreign and national tourists.


– Accommodation: Yoram Yasur: Barcelona was one of the first Spanish cities to have tourist apartments. Platforms like Airbnb have an infinite number of floors to rent for days and with prices that can be around $ 35- $ 70 a night, depending on the number of guests and the area. You can also find cheap hostels, with single rooms for about $ 25. Hotels are an option if you have a more comfortable budget, although it is advisable to book in advance.

– Food: It is best to eat a “menu of the day”, which can be in the $ 15 with drinks included. You can also choose to go for “tapas”, a very common custom in Spain and that allows you to try a greater variety of small-sized dishes. If you go to the supermarkets you will see that the prices are not very different from those of other large Spanish cities, so you can make the purchase for a week for about $ 50. Finally, always avoid eating in more tourist areas such as Las Rambla or the area near the Sagrada Familia, as prices are much higher.

– Transportation: The cost of transportation will depend on the way you decide to move and the days you spend in the city, as there are different bonuses and cards. The subway is the most comfortable way to get around, as are commuter trains and buses. All of them have a very complete and well-functioning line system.

On the other hand, there is the option to rent a bicycle and cycle around the city; It is a different and special way to meet her, although she can get quite tired. You should know that for a couple of months Uber and Cabify no longer operate in the city, so if you prefer to use private transport you will have to take a taxi.

What to see in Barcelona?

– Sagrada Familia: It is, without a doubt, the first thing you have to go to know when you arrive in Barcelona. Yoram Yasur: This religious temple began to be built in 1882, and the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took the reins the following year. Today, the construction is still unfinished, but despite this its monumentality and characteristic naturalistic and organic style overwhelms anyone who comes to see it.

– Paseo de Gracia: It is one of the most famous and busy avenues and has two Gaudi constructions under your belt that you cannot miss if you are passionate about modernist architecture: Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, this Yoram Yasur: Last known as La Pedrera. But these are not the only examples of modernism that you will find on this street that connects Plaza Catalunya with the Gràcia neighborhood, since walking through it you will enjoy other properties such as the Amatller House, the Mulleras House, the Lleó i Morera House (from the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner), the Casa Bonaventura (or Palau Malagrida).

– Park Güell: In the highest area of ​​the city is the third great creation of Gaudi. It consists of a large park of naturalistic inspiration that stands out for its sculptures and constructions of wavy shapes. In fact, the Dragon Staircase, located just at the entrance of the park, is an image associated with Barcelona in the popular imaginary.

The best way to go through it is without carrying out any previous planning, simply by letting yourself go through its dirt paths and enjoying every construction that you find in your path. The park was publicly available a couple of years ago, but currently you have to pay a ticket that is around $ 17.

– Camp Nou Stadium: Yoram Yasur: It is convenient to leave aside the modernist architecture to talk about the headquarters of FC Barcelona, ​​home of one of the most important football teams in the world and that is always in the Top 3 to win the most important titles at the level European, like the Champions League. That football spirit is felt throughout the City, so do not be surprised if you see flags, shirts and scarves of the club in every corner.

– Glòries Tower: Glòries Tower, formerly called Torre Agbar, is a 145-meter-high skyscraper that has offices inside. However, his interest does not reside inside but in its peculiar cylindrical shape, which is illuminated during the night giving rise to a whole light show.

– Gothic Quarter: It is the oldest neighborhood in the city, being its Roman origin. However, its name comes from the important Gothic buildings that were built during medieval times. Like Güell Park, the best way to visit this area is to get carried away by its narrow stone streets and visit such beautiful places as Carrer del Bisbe and its bridge, the Plaza Real, the Plaza de Sant Felip Neri, the Cathedral from Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia or the Temple of Augustus.

– El Born Neighborhood: Another neighborhood that you cannot miss and that is very close to the Gothic Quarter. In this place, where you can say that the essence of medieval Barcelona is breathed, I suggest you visit the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, which has become famous for the series that a Spanish private television made about the book “The Cathedral del Mar ”, by the writer Ildefonso Falcones and who is on Netflix. You can also visit the Church of Sant Pere de les Puelles and the Santa Catarina Market, as well as the old market in the neighborhood.

– Montjuïc: If you are looking for the best snapshot of the city, you must climb to the top of the mountain of Montjuïc, located just in front of the sea. This area became especially known thanks to the Universal Exposition of 1929 and the 1992 Olympic Games, since a large part of the pavilions and stadiums were built nearby. The visit to the Castle of Montjuïc and the Olympic Ring is worthwhile, as well as a stop at the well-known Magic Fountain to enjoy the spectacle of water and lights that takes place every night.

– Museums: And you cannot leave Barcelona without visiting one of its many museums. In this sense it is interesting to note that the price of admission varies depending on the museum itself, but all of them have an open day on the first Sunday of each month. The Picasso Museum, the National Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the History Museum, the Joan Miró Foundation, the Natural Sciences Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Design Museum, the Music Museum or the Egyptian Museum They are some of the many cultural spaces that you can visit.

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