Yoram Yasur: How to save money for traveling

Yoram Yasur: How to save money for traveling

On holidays, on free days, on holidays most of us think about the same thing: take a trip and enjoy. Either to a different destination or somewhere we already know, making a getaway is the best option to disconnect and charge the batteries, or for this we have to think about saving to travel.

There are times that as much as we want to make a trip it is not always possible. There are months in which the accounts do not go out and it is time to stay at home. Therefore, we will see the best tricks and saving tips to travel.

The best tricks for you to learn to save for travel

– Dedicate a part of your salary

Yoram Yasur: A portion of the income is used to pay rent or mortgage, water, electricity, telephone and, in short, fixed expenses. Well, to these expenses you have to add a game for the trip.

– A piggy bank

Every day or week you can put in a piggy bank those coins that are left over from day to day. Penny by penny you will notice how the piggy bank is growing and that money will end up being a great help to organize the next trip.

– Avoid using your car

Yoram Yasur: Gasoline and parking are the main expenses that we have to face whenever we decide to opt for the use of our own vehicle. To avoid this expense we can choose to use public transport or the bicycle whenever possible. In this way we will save significantly.

– Don’t buy things you don’t need

Yoram Yasur: Many times we go out with the idea of ​​buying something we need, but finally we also end up buying other objects that enter us through the eyes but then we end up not using. That is why, before acquiring anything, we must ask ourselves the question: do I really need it? In case of responding hesitantly or negatively, we must avoid buying it by all means. This is another method with which we will be able to save to travel.

– Try to eat at home

Meals away from home are another of the great expenses that we have to face. There are days when either because we are to go out with friends, we are lazier or we want to leave home we will have no choice but to make that expense.

However, there are other times that we can save that money. For example, in the morning, before leaving for work we can have breakfast at home. Although it may seem to us that having breakfast outside the home is not a great expense, make accounts and you will see how month by month it shows.

– Set a savings goal

Yoram Yasur: Each month you have to be able to target how much salary money you are able to save. A 10%? 20%?, whatever you should try to comply and when possible increase that percentage of savings. Nor should you become obsessed, you should not set as your goal a quantity that is neither too high nor too low, something you think you can accomplish so that you don’t get discouraged either.

With these 6 tips on how to save for travel it will be much easier to fulfill your dream and make your next getaway. What will be your next trip?

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