Yoram Yasur: best beaches in Puerto Rico

Yoram Yasur: The best beaches in Puerto Rico

Yoram Yasur: Puerto Rico is a small but beautiful country. It is located in Central America, although it is worth mentioning that, although it was not incorporated, it is a territory whose legislation belongs to the United States. It is also an archipelago (with all that that in itself means), which is close to the Eastern Caribbean and has a particular almost rectangular shape, about 9,000 km2.

Its capital is the city of San Juan, which is one of the most special recommendations to visit in this country. Its humid and hot climate makes it ideal as a destination for tourists looking for a place with good beaches. Is that its geographical characteristics allow it to be plagued by certain truly spectacular beaches.

In short, if you are one of those who enjoys the sun, sea and sand, and were looking for Central American beaches, today is your lucky day. In this opportunity, I’m going to present you an excellent top with the best beaches in Puerto Rico, so prepare your swimsuit, the life jacket and go for a walk around Puerto Rico with our picturesque photographic tour …

  • Crash Boat, Aguadilla

Yoram Yasur: For its clear and very calm waters, this beach is the favorite of lovers of diving and snorkeling. It should be noted that, beyond fun, many fishermen get their source of work.

  • Sun Bay Spa, Vieques

This spa has one of the most extensive coasts of Puerto Rico and is considered one of the best in the country. Without much more to add, this beach is a must.

  • Balneario la Monserrate, Luquillo

Leaving aside the tranquility of the Balneario Flamenco, we find one of the most visited beaches, so it has more facilities to spend a beautiful day on the beach. West of here is the largest tropical forest in the country: El Yunque.

  • The Escambrón Resort, San Juan

The characteristic of this spa is that it is in the middle of the city. More precisely, well close to the mythical city of Old San Juan, one of the most visited in the country.

  • Balneario Boquerón, Cabo Rojo

Yoram Yasur: It is a beach visited by the locals, which has a relaxed atmosphere of young people and families. This is the ideal destination if you are traveling with children or as a family.

  • Balneario Flamenco, Culebra

It is located on Culebra, a small island well east of Puerto Rico. This beach is quite spacious and is surrounded by green landscapes, crystal clear waters and white sands.

  • Spa Seven Seas, Fajardo

Another place famous for its access and stay facilities is this beautiful spa. The mildness of the sea is another of the fundamental characteristics that make this one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

  • Vega Baja Spa

From the northern area, the Balneario de Vega Baja beach is the most frequented. However, keep in mind that for the most part, your visitors are young people, so be careful with family trips.

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