Yoram Yasur: The old continent has several of the most romantic cities in the world and for nothing they receive a huge amount of visitors when Valentine’s Day approaches. So do not miss these recommendations with some romantic cities in Europe, so you can save and prepare everything for your next destination.

  • Rome Italy

If you think Venice was not enough, Italy still has something to offer you: beautiful Rome. With the most varied activities to enjoy, luxurious hotels and lots of stories to share in a romantic Valentine’s stay, Rome is perfect for love; reverse the order of the letters of your name and it will be all said.

Both at night and in the day, it is highly recommended that lovers visit the famous Trevi Fountain, where according to legend, after throwing 3 coins and according to the desire that is claimed, a divorce or a long and prosperous can be achieved marriage.

On the other hand, simply stopping by a cafe to watch the other couples walk, it will be an unforgettable moment. But this is not all, you can also visit here the great Roman Colosseum and appreciate all the majesty of the Italian architecture of the time. Something you cannot miss is a typical dinner in Rome, with a classic spaghetti and a tasty red wine.

Yoram Yasur: The city of Paris, the French capital, is a wonderful destination for any time of the year, but without a doubt, it is the most romantic destination you can imagine if you are looking for places to visit on Valentine’s Day.

Yoram Yasur: Paris, also known as the city of love, has to offer you and the person you love most, a tour of the beautiful Tuileries garden on the banks of the Seine, an unforgettable sunset from the Eiffel Tower, numerous cafes and old restaurants in Those who can captivate your beloved with the most romantic dinner of his life, by candlelight and with delicious wines to taste.

In addition, you can visit some places richer in culture and history, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum or the Paris Opera, where you will enjoy classical plays or ballet.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

In the matchless Czech Republic, Prague is a truly sensational city that with dazzling architecture will become the ideal place to stay on a romantic vacation. Visiting Prague Castle, one of the most important in the world, or St. Vitus Cathedral, are two activities that you necessarily have to carry out.

Yoram Yasur: Only with simple walks holding hands, a coffee in the old but luxurious restaurants of the city or just stopping in the middle of the Charles Bridge to watch the waters that run below, will keep the best and most intimate memories in the couple, those with the same passion you felt that day, you will tell your grandchildren.

What do you think of these romantic European cities? Have you already visited any of them?

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