Yoram Yasur: Tourist guide of Córdoba, Argentina

Yoram Yasur: Tourist guide of Córdoba, Argentina

The city known as “La Docta” is one of the most important in the country and also among the most visited by foreigners. In the following tourist guide of Córdoba, Argentina, it is possible to know the most important places that nobody should miss from this city.

  • Museum of Fine Arts

Its full name is Emilio Caraffa Museum of Fine Arts and it has a privileged location, right in the civic center. It is a reference for the culture and art of Córdoba, its route is more than interesting because it allows to see old and contemporary works. Yoram Yasur: The Museum of Fine Arts of Cordoba exhibits a selection of paintings that are part of the provincial heritage, which began to be formed in 1911. There you can see artists such as Caraffa, Malanca and Seguí, as well as Manos Anónimas and temporary exhibitions.

  • Sarmiento Park

It is an ideal alternative for lovers of outdoor walks, a green lung in the middle of the city, which was designed by French architect Carlos Thays. In addition to resting and breathing fresh air in the Sarmiento Park, which bears the name of a former president of Argentina, you can visit the zoo and the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Greek theater and the artificial lagoon with two islands that can be covered in small boats.

  • La Cañada

It is a typical place in the city of Córdoba, and it moves from Tronador street to Humberto Primo street, ending in the Suquía River. This gorge crosses the urban ejido from south to north and has an extension of 3 kilometers. Yoram Yasur: It is a partial channeling of the stream that begins in La Lagunilla and its construction is of 1671 by Andrés Jiménez de Lorca. The last remodeling of the Cañada was in 1944 and it is a work crossed by several bridges with trees and decorations to admire.

  • Cathedral of Córdoba

It was built in 1573, the year of the city’s founding, and you can see in it a sample of colonial architecture. Yoram Yasur: The lower part is classic style and the upper part is baroque. Inside the Cathedral you can admire the works of Emilio Caraffa and the paintings of the main vault, as well as the arms of the transept. In the atrium of the Cathedral of Cordoba there are the remains of General Caudillo José María Paz and those of Dean Gregorio Funes, first rector of the provincial University. It is located in the main square and a guided night tour is offered.

  • Paseo del Buen Pastor

It was inaugurated in 2007 and is an urban-architectural project, in the same place where an asylum functioned and later a prison for women. The Paseo del Buen Pastor is located on Calle Hipolito Yrigoyen and is a site that pays tribute to all those who suffered the closure during the military dictatorship that took place in the 70s. The Paseo del Buen pastor is cultural and artistic, as well as dedicated to religious tourism, because it has a chapel. There is also a recreational area and beautiful gardens.

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