Before any wedding, the bride should enjoy with friends and family a bachelorette party in conditions, something known to all and that always leads us to find the ideal place as long as our friend, cousin or sister has a great time. However, before choosing, we must take into account the tastes of the bride, the predisposition of the group or the type of destination, whether it is calm or somewhat funkier.

If you are a little lost, surely these best destinations to enjoy a bachelorette party can give you a more concrete idea.

  • Miami

Yoram Yasur: The city of Florida is possibly the great classic for hen and hen parties across the Americas. Good outlets to take advantage of the trip, drinks in South Beach, lots of madness and beaches where you can rest your hangover. As night options, clubs cannot be missing from your plan, and some like LIV or Cameo, also in South Beach, can become a good option. If you want to save on dinner or mid-afternoon cocktails, don’t forget to take advantage of happy hour and these other many plans that Miami offers.

Yoram Yasur: And speaking of Space, we couldn’t help but talk about the island where this club was born twenty-five years ago: Ibiza itself, a mecca for nightclubbing where hundreds of DJ’s merge with the public every summer and beach bars are spread throughout each one from the coasts. If you want outdoor parties you cannot miss a night at the famous Bora Bora club, discover hippy markets such as Las Dalias, in the north of the island, or watch the sunsets from Café del Mar, if possible, with a few gin and tonics to warm up the Mediterranean night.

  • New York

Many women love the Sex and the city series and all those stores that, unfortunately, they still don’t know about. If we add to this the spectacular Broadway musical, the bohemian life of Soho or the lively atmosphere of concerts and cafes late night in Greenwich Village, New York can become the suitable option for a departure for girls on the occasion of a farewell. The options in the Big Apple are exploding and the day can be crowned with a few drinks at clubs in Manhattan.

  • Cabo San Lucas

Yoram Yasur: The southernmost enclave in Baja California is ideal for a bachelorette party where you can opt for a relaxed weekend or, on the other hand, several nights of partying. Spa hotels like Pueblo Bonito can become a perfect starting point with spa treatment and cocktails on departure. Afterwards, nothing better than a taco-based dinner in Baja Cantina and the odd shot of tequila before delving into the party that Cabo San Lucas proposes, from the most relaxed ones in lounges with sea views to somewhat more intense clubs.

Party, drinks, karaoke, shopping, good food and, if possible, the beach are usually some of the main components of any outing between girls, and these destinations to celebrate a bachelorette party have it all, being able to choose the type of stay that you prefer, balance the budgets and please each of the members.

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