Yoram Yasur: Tips for cruise traveling

Yoram Yasur: Tips for cruise traveling

Cruise travel is an option for millions of travelers since the 80s and its growth has been spectacular in the last 10 years. Traveling on the high seas has some peculiarities that make us have to contemplate certain details or preparations different from those of land travel.

– Documentation for travel

Yoram Yasur: Do not forget to carry the identity documents, such as your passport, as well as the corresponding visa or permit for excursions in case any of the countries in which the ship docks require it. You should also have the trip information (stops, schedules, etc.), the checking account number and some emergency or interest telephone numbers. Also carry a credit card and a copy of your cruise travel insurance policy with you.

– How to pack your suitcase

You will have to dress in bath robes and other times with more comfortable or formal clothes, in addition to wearing some that protect you from the wind. Don’t forget to protect yourself with sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. To also take into account the measures and weight limits of the hand luggage of the airline with which you are going to fly to the city where the port from which the ship departs. Also check these figures for luggage on board the ship.

– Medications to take

Yoram Yasur: The purchase of medicines on board is usually more expensive than usual, so do not forget to take with you a personal first aid kit that contains anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, ointments for bumps or muscle aches and medications for dizziness and digestive problems. Check with the Ministries of Health if you need a vaccine for any of the countries where the cruise will be docked.

– Duty Free on cruise ships

As in the airports, when you purchase the products and services offered on a cruise you will not pay VAT. Of course, when the ship is docked in some port the stores remain closed. On the other hand, what you buy when entering your country of origin will be tax exempt provided it does not exceed the values ​​stipulated by customs.

In addition to cash (some companies have an exchange office), cruise companies often offer payment methods to facilitate purchases on board: personal card linked to checking or credit or debit card, checks or VIP membership in cabin. The purchase of alcoholic beverages on board, but not the consumption in cruise establishments, is controlled in such a way that they will be delivered to you on the day of disembarkation.

– Electrical and electronic devices on board

Yoram Yasur: Remember to turn off your mobile phone data to avoid surprises on your bill. Also, it regulates its time and activates the alarm clock to travel according to the time zone changes. Try to bring a universal adapter for plugs.

– Hire cruise insurance

Cruise trips have special characteristics that mean they must be insured with customized and specific products. Therefore, if there is a cruise part of your trip, you must have insurance. In addition, these incidents discussed above are another reason it is advisable to have cruise travel insurance that includes specific coverage that other travel insurance does not guarantee.

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