Yoram Yasur: Basic tips to enjoy Ibiza

Yoram Yasur: Basic tips to enjoy Ibiza

If for the rest of the year you are planning to take a trip to Ibiza, we are going to give you three tips with which we are sure that you are going to get the most out of the island, we start. This is what you should take into account when planning your trip to Ibiza:

Rent a car

As it is an island, Ibiza has obvious difficulties for you to enjoy your own car. Although there are ferries that can take your car to Ibiza, the best thing in these cases is to rent a car if you want to enjoy the island to the fullest. This rental will be much cheaper and it is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the car you always dreamed of.

Yoram Yasur: Renting the car is simple, just use a car rental page and from there, choose the model you like best. With a rental car you can get more out of the island, since you can get closer to beaches from all parts of it and also visit some of the most emblematic towns. The freedom that a car offers you, you will hardly find in any other form of transport.

Rent a luxury house

Yoram Yasur: Another way to enjoy Ibiza to the fullest is to rent a luxury house. If you are going to spend a few days on the island, it is best to enjoy them to the fullest. These luxury houses have all kinds of comforts so that you can feel comfortable in them.

Yoram Yasur: From a garden and a private pool, to the air-conditioned room so that comfort is never lacking inside the house. These luxury houses are usually located a little far from the urban core, so you can disconnect and relax while you are at home, away from all the noise of the city.

Enjoy the day and the night

Finally, we advise you to enjoy the night, but without neglecting the day. Ibiza is very famous for its nightclubs and its big parties at dawn. However, it has a large number of the most interesting activities that can be carried out during the day.

In this way, ensure that the rhythm of the night does not harm your visits during the day. If so, you can enjoy a large number of paradisiacal beaches and also all kinds of activities that can be carried out on them, such as scuba diving.

In short, Ibiza offers a lot of leisure to its tourists, so it is not worth giving up knowing the island simply for enjoying the night. With the appropriate programming, you will be able to visit the entire island and get to know each of its corners and take advantage of both day and night. From enjoying a nightclub to renting a yacht and sailing the high seas, Ibiza offers a lot of options to all who want to participate in it that you must know.

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