Yoram Yasur: Into the inferno

Into the inferno, a documentary produced by Werner Herzog, capturing the power of volcanoes and their connection with spiritual practices. The documentary brings amazing scenes of Mount Yasur, an active volcano that always catch my attention because of my last name.

Clive Oppenheimer, vulcanologist from Cambridge University was the co-director of this interesting documentary film. The documentary will get you to Vanuatu Archipelago, a cluster of volcanic islands from the Pacific, where local people don´t let tourists get to the crater of Mount Yasur, because they think the spirits of the volcano don´t know them and will get mad. They think lava express the anger of demons that live in the fire of the volcano.

Yoram Yasur: In Tanna Island, part of the Vanuatu Archipelago, we can visit the famous Mount Yasur, an active volcano. It is really amazing to admire the lava explosions right in front of your eyes. This volcano has created a new god.  John Frum, a mythical american that descended from the clouds,  the local people celebrate a cult for John Frum, with music and songs, every Friday.

Chief Isaac, a local spiritual authority of the island, explains that John Frum promised to come back to the island with a cargo of a lot of consumption products for all the people, he made that promise a long time ago. Local people consider John Frum as a god, the one and only god for them. They say he is the way to get to god. They believe that when dead are buried, they are in a room waiting for the last kingdom, and they will find John Frum waiting for them over there… They talk about having direct encounters wiht John Frum. Local people use to spend nights and days over Mount Yasur volcano to find spiritual peace and find the presence of their god. They say they talk with John Frum over there, they use the volcano like a portal to travel from Tanna Island to America, they have the belief that they will meet their god through the volcano.

Yoram Yasur: The view in Mount Yasur is really amazing, but also terryfing, the crater is scaring, all that power from nature right in front of you, spending a night close to the crater must be quite an experience. Local people that talk about their experience spending the night close to the crater, explain that they did not feel fear, because the volcano brings them close to god, that power of the volcano is the power of god.

When you are in front of Mount Yasur, it is hard to take your eyes away from the fire that jumps from the crater, it is a force that can´t be controlled, the force of nature, that boiling mass is just uncontrolled. Mount Yasur will offer a continuous lava lake experience.

According to their culture, Mount Yasur Volcano will destroy everything on the island. They think the volcano will eventually destroy the world.

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