Houston is the largest city in Texas and has the prestige as well as being the fourth largest in the entire United States. Of course, Houston stands out not only for its size, but for its multiculturalism that extends throughout its territory and automatically impacts the cultural, artistic and social environment, and surely if you decide to visit Houston, you will find some place that has ancestors or comes from the same country as you. We are going to know some tourist places and things to do in Houston, Texas.

  • A quick and cheap way to get to know Houston

Yoram yasur: Something that we have to highlight is that, if you want to visit the city in its entirety, what we most suggest is to take out the Houston CityPASS, which allows you to access five of the most important attractions in the city, in a period of nine days with a discount price to each of the sites, and in several you can even access VIP spaces.

Yoram yasur: Thanks to this pass, it is possible to visit the Space Center Houston, the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Science Museum, the Houston Zoo and, depending on the pass option you choose, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts or the Children’s Museum, especially if you travel with children.

In addition, you will be able to see your favorite bands at the Bayou Music Center and, near it is the previously mentioned Houston Space Center, which not only exhibits things on the subject, but also has space simulators and other very entertaining activities for the whole family.

  • Green spaces, a public paradise

Since we are talking about entertainment for the whole family, we recommend visiting one of the huge number of parks in Houston. In total there are about 337 natural spaces, an overwhelming amount. The most recommended are Hermann Park (home to the Science Museum and Zoo), Terry Hershey, Lake Houston, Memorial, Tranquility, Discovery and, last but not least, Sam Houston Park.

Yoram yasur: Another of the best features of the city is that its public spaces are not as we know them, unnecessary buildings that accumulate dust and constantly prey to vandalism, but rather provide a very important service to the entire city, such as the Nature Center and Arboretum of Houston. To have fun with the whole family, we suggest taking advantage of these services and visiting the Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park or the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park, the prestige of beautiful Houston.

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